Fujifilm Announces World’s Smallest 4K Broadcast Lens For Sports And News

by on September 6, 2017

Stephan Jukic – September 6, 2017

Uusally, newly developed pro lenses get bigger as more features are crammed into them . In the case of Fujifilm’s new UA24x7.8 4K pro recording lens, the opposite is sort of the case. This little apparatus is the smallest 4K-capable lens yet announced by anybody despite its inclusion of ultra HD compatibility and a host of other features.

Announced for the first time this Wednesday, September 6th by Fujifilm Japan, the UA24x7.8 offers up a 24x zoom with focal lengths of 7.8 to 187mm and of course, there’s also that 4K we mentioned. The company has designed the UA24x7.8 for shooting in ultra HD during fast-paced events like sportscasts and broadcast journalism coverage incidents while giving those doing the shooting a tough package that weighs as little as possible for easy maneuvering.

Fujifilm 4K pro lens

Just how light is Fujifilm’s new UA24x7.8? Well, it weighs in at just 4.7 pounds and measures out at no more than 8.7 inches. These kinds of dimensions are impressive indeed for a pro lens like this with 4K and make the UA24x7.8 an excellent potential choice for videographers who want easy shoulder-carry shooting without a loss of video quality or zoom capacity for their ultra HD cameras.

According to further details by Fujifilm, the new 4K pro lens also comes with a coating technology that reduces chromatic aberration in colors along the edges of the captured image. Because of this and for other reasons, the UA24x7.8 is also designed to be compatible with high dynamic range video recording for superior ranges of contrast and better overall HDR color vibrancy capture. In other words, the new little 4K lens creates cleaner more realistic and more vibrant video with the added benefit of stunning UHD resolution support to sharpen things up even further.

Other benefits of the Fujufilm UA24x7.8 include nine aperture blades for smooth bokeh and a minimum aperture range of 1.8 to 2.85 at full zoom.

According to the official announcement from the company itself:

“Fujinon lenses by Fujifilm are known for high-quality, eloquent images, and have been used in various production sites including movies, TV commercials, and live sports broadcasts around the world. Fujifilm will continue to tap into its optical, high precision forming and assembling technologies that have been nurtured over many years in the field of video expression, to further expand and enhance its 4K lens lineup, thereby addressing the diversifying needs of production sites.”

Fujifilm UA24x7.8 4K pro Lens

We should also note that the announcement of this new 24x ultra-compact zoom lens grows the lineup of Fuji’s 4K lenses to a total of 8 different models, starting with their first ever models, which were released in 2015. Fujifilm has developed this range of 4K lenses for both cinematic and broadcast shooting and the company has also stated that it fully expects to see the ultra HD recording ecosystem continue growing dramatically as consumer demand for the best possible recording solutions also expands.

No pricing details have yet been announced for the Fujifilm UA24X7.8 but we do know that the 4K HDR-supportive mini lens will go on sale as of January 2018.

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