Formerly Beleaguered Electronics Maker Loewe Rises from the Ashes and Launches New Line of 4K TVs

by on September 12, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 12th, 2014

The not too well known electronics manufacturer Loewe has recently dug itself out of a rather messy financial situation in time to make it to IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany and launch a whole new line of 4K TVs that also include a new Curved TV known as the Masterpiece.

In total, Loewe has come out with four ranges of new 4K Ultra HD TVs. These are the Connect series, the Art series, Reference and the Masterpiece, which is the curved TV of the group.

All of these sets, which possesses a rather distinctive look that the company gave them, will be launched over the coming months. The Connect and Art ranges of TVs will be going on sale in the last quarter of 2014 and both the curved Loewe “Masterpiece” and the company’s Reference range of TVs are coming out in early 2015.

All of these new TVs operate on the Loewe Operating System platform, which is the home of the company’s entire Smart TV apps and other features. These include “fast channel changing”, remote recording from mobile devices and an intelligent search function that uses algorithms to guess suggestions based on previous use. And while the Loewe OS isn’t exactly Android L or on par with Sony or Samsung’s native Smart TV platforms, it is still a well-designed and robust user interface that’s easy to manage and effective at its job.

The company itself, Loewe, went through a period of insolvency in 2013 but managed to save itself through fresh injections of Venture Capital funding earlier this year. Now, with their new lease on life, they are hoping to establish themselves as a premium 4K Ultra HD TV brand for the European market as a starting point.

In addition to the new VC investment, Loewe has also formed a partnership deal with Chinese 4K and other electronics maker Hisense for sourcing new Ultra HD pars and technology for its own TVs.

Furthermore, based on a good look at Loewe’s new 4K TVs at IFA 2014, it seems that the sets will be going in the direction of PVRs and integrated speakers at least for now. Previously, the company was interested in developing entertainment platforms with wirelessly connected speaker systems but they seem to have abandoned this policy now.

Of all the new TVs by Loewe, the most eye-catching and stylish is definitely the new “Masterpiece”, which was presented in its 65 inch prototype format and with its excellent visual displays and overall performance at the tech conferences, it’s obvious that the company presented the TV for the sake of showing that they do indeed have the technological prowess to come up with a solid 4K Ulta HD television.

Loewe 4K TVs on Display

Loewe’s series of highly distinct looking 4K UHD TVs, including the “Masterpiece”

There is now specific word yet on pricing for the company’s new TVs and exactly which European markets will be the site of their initial launch on the consumer market also remains unclear so far.

One thing that these TVs by this company do show is just how widely development of 4K technology on overseas markets and with non-name brand electronics makers is advancing. 4K, unlike Full HD, is definitely a technology with diverse reach in these early stages.

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