“For Honor” Gets An Xbox One X Patch For Dynamic 4K, Improved Shadows & More

by on December 5, 2017
Stephan Jukic – December 5, 2017

Entering the landscape of newer games with newfound compatibility with the 4K ultra HD chops of the recently released Xbox One X monster 4K HDR gaming console from Microsoft, we now have “For Honor”.

The melee action fantasy game from Ubisoft has just gotten itself an Xbox One X patch called v1.16 that lets For Honor-playing owners of the One X console enjoy some major dynamic 4K improvements to graphics along with superior shadows, enhanced LOD, a new Screen-Space-Reflection feature for water surfaces and better overall performance as a result of these additions.

“For Honor” Gets An Xbox One X Patch For Dynamic 4K

The specific details of the patch enhancements are pretty much the following, by order of importance:

Dynamic 4K rendering:

Basically, graphics for the game are rendered in 4K UHD as needed and where possible (the “dynamic” part) on the Xbox One X. This means a real-time variable resolution that can go up to 4K 2160p but won’t necessarily do so for every detail. This feature is coupled up with hardware scaling that outputs to TV resolution depending on a TV’s native pixel count. Thus, while the 4K graphics won’t make an appearance on non-4K TVs (obviously), the scaling will create better overall definition even in this case.

Improved Shadow Resolution:

Pretty self-explanatory, the shadows in For Honor will come with better definition in the Xbox One X.

Improved Level of Detail for distant objects:

This is the LOD part of the patch and again, as the name implies, far away environment objects during gameplay are going to look sharper due to higher definition rendering

Improved water through Screen-Space Reflections

The SSR feature of the patch in other words, allowing for much better, more realistic looking water surfaces that show dynamic reflections.

So there you have it if you happen to be a fan of “For Honor” and a proud owners of the world’s most powerful gaming console. We should also note that “For Honor” recently got itself a Season 4 update that delivers two new heroes, a couple of new maps and a new 4v4 Tribute mode. You can also watch the trailer for this recent addition right below:

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