The First of LG’s New OLED 4K 65 inch TVs to Hit U.S Markets

by on September 3, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 3d, 2014

Now that IFA 2014 is in full swing in Berlin, Germany and all the electronics makers start showing off their latest innovations, LG has managed to confirm that the 65 inch version of its absolutely new and totally innovative new 4K OLED TVs will be reaching U.S markets very soon.

The specific model is the 65EC9700 OLED 4K TV and it’s expected to reach American electronics sales shelves by as early as the end of this very month.

This will make it the first OLED Ultra HD to hit the consumer market anywhere in the world and as a first time product, it will also have a fairly steep price of $7,000, expensive given the internal 4K resolution and the organic light emitting diode screen brightness system.

Later on in this same year, the U.S market can also easily expect to see the 77 inch OLED 4K model of the new LG TV technology also emerge on domestic markets. The 77EG9700, which is the 65EG9700’s larger but otherwise pretty much identical cousin, also is the same TV that has won magazine awards for being “the best TV of CES 2014”, at CES in Las Vegas earlier in this year.

The larger 77EG9700 has no officially declared price yet posted but it’s expected that the top of the line new 4K TV will cost at least $20,000 USD.

LG 77EG9700 4K OLED

LG 77EG9700 4K OLED on display at IFA 2014

LG is also playing with a “more economical” 55 inch OLED Ultra HD version of its 65 and 77 inch giant TVs. This smaller model has been revealed to exist for the very first time at IFA 2014 in Berlin and is reputed to be one of the thinnest TVs ever made for public sale.

However, even LG itself is at least slightly doubtful about the benefits of releasing such an enormously powerful and expensive technology as OLED display with 4K resolution in a TV that’s only 55 inches across, given that most people who are willing to spend top dollar on OLED in their Ultra HD screens are also likely to just go for something more robust that’s at least 65 inches across.

Nonetheless, the entire lineup of LG OLED Televisions are a clear demonstration that this company, one of the “big three” of 4K TV innovation and production, is very, very serious about cementing its name in 4K history as a pioneer.

Currently, LG is the only company on the planet that is actually releasing consumer ready models of 4K TV sets that have both the 3,840 x 2,160 pixels of UHD resolution and also come with OLED backlighting technology built into them.

Potential buyers who want to see OLED 4K in action on the LG models, will be able to admire the new TVs at select Best Buy locations across the U.S.A as of October, given Best Buy’s agreement with LG for promotion of 4K TV technology.

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