Finally! Firm Release Date & Concrete 4K Specs about the Upcoming GoPro Hero 4 Camera

by on September 29, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 29th, 2014

We’ve discussed the GoPro Hero 4 mountable action camera on at least three occasions so far and in all instances, we were able to give you a few more rumors, clarifications and changes to what the deal was with its release date and specs.
In our second piece devoted to the Hero 4, we put out information about the upcoming release date of the new GoPro camera but were still left grasping at rumors about the specs.

Now, finally, we can lay some of those rumors to rest as well and give you concrete details about just what kind of cool features the latest of these awesome little mountable action cameras will come with.

For those of you who don’t know, the GoPro Hero line of mountable cameras are an extremely popular series of some of the toughest, most efficient little video recorders for mounting on to just about any moving object for the sake of filming active movement.

The Heros are particularly popular with outdoor sports enthusiasts, extreme adventure lovers and racing fans.
They’ve been used by surfers, bikers, racecar drivers and every other kind of extreme sports pro you can imagine because they endure, can handle dirt, water, mud, heat and all sorts of heavy impacts.

Now down to the newly released details of the Hero 4: GoPro has announced that they will actually be unveiling a line of Hero 4 mountable cameras.

The first and foremost of these is the Hero 4 Black and this top of the line Hero camera will feature two totally new components to the series. These are a color touchscreen for easy viewing and manipulation of video as its being shot and 4K resolution at a decent frame rate.

The Hero 3 also had 4K video capacity but it was set at a pretty useless 15 frames per second. Now, the new Hero 4 black will not only be able to shoot 4K in a camcorder grade 30 fps but will also manage some excellent and very clear 2K resolution at a very nice 50 fps.

These frame rates and resolutions basically mean that the 4 can be used as a very small professional film camera for some very intense field situations.

GoPro Hero Cameras for extreme sports

The GoPro Hero 4 is perfectly designed for filming extreme sports in full 4K

The second of the two new cameras is the Hero 4 Silver Edition and while it brings way less to the table in terms of 4K power, it still allows 4K at 15 fps, 2K at 30 fps and regular Full HD at 60 fps. It also comes with the same color touch screen.

Both of the new Hero 4 series cameras will come with waterproof cases that are good down to over 140 feet below the waves and both are available with special mounts designed for specific activities such as surfing and on stage music performances.
Finally, instead of the previously speculated upon release date sometime in the next year, the new Hero 4 cameras will be going on sale in just a few days, as of October the 5th.

Here’s a GoPro official trailer of the Hero 4 Black to give you an idea of just how awesome this new camera can be.

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