EVGA’s 2017 SC17 4K G-Sync Laptop With GTX 1080 GPU Is A UHD Gaming Monster

by on August 11, 2017

Stephan Jukic – August 11, 2017

EVGA is famous for its awesome special productions of NVIDIA’s powerhouse gaming GPUs for all budgets so if any company knows a thing or two about also putting together one mean little beast of a heavy duty UHD gaming laptop, it would be this one.

The new SC17 is the apparent proof in the pudding of this exact skill at work for the real consumer market, at least based on the specs that we’re seeing for this compact beast of a 4K UHD  gaming notebook. This latest version of the EVGA SC17 gaming notebook isn’t cheap by any normal budget standards but boy does it deliver the goods on its hardware and software specs. This model, which is now available for purchase, comes as an even beefier refresh of 2016’s SC17 GTX 1070 17.3 inch 4K UHD gaming laptop.

The 2017 version however delivers 4K gameplay capacity of a kind that can be taken much more seriously. While the 2016 model’s GTX 1070 GPU could manage at best only modest frame rate performance in 4K UHD resolution with most graphics-intensive games, this year’s model comes packed with one of NVIDIA’s much more robust GTX 1080 GPUs and the inclusion of NVIDIA G-Sync technology for an even smooth frame rate experience during any kind of gaming you throw at the SC17. With the inclusion of GTX 1080 graphics card technology, the SC17 finally gets to show off enough power for a legitimately decent (though still not quite perfect) 4K UHD gaming capacity. The G-Sync is the final smoothing over that keeps frames between game and graphics card in this notebooks flowing even more nicely. EVGA has also claimed that the SC17’s G-Sync capabilities can go external with support for 4K at 60Hz and 2K at 120Hz.

Beefing these already fine internal specs further still, EVGA has given the 2017 edition of the SC17 a processor bump with the inclusion of Intel Core i7-7820HK chips which are based on 7th Generation Kaby Lake-H chipset variants. Other core specs remain the same as they did in the 2016 model however. These include a 256GB M.2 NVMe SSD storage coupled with a bulk storage 1TB HDD drive. The display size also stays at 17.3 inches and features the same bright wide angle IPS display technology. Yes, I know that some readers and gamers might wonder why the hell anyone would need the 8.29 million pixels of 4K resolution on a laptop screen, but for those of you who want pixels so densely packed that you can’t notice them even if you squint close, 4K notebooks like the SC17 don’t really go THAT far into overkill territory. At the very least, unlike many older 4K laptops we’ve covered, the SC17 can definitely handle all of its display pixels without a problem.

EVGA’s 2017 SC17 4K G-Sync Laptop With GTX 1080

A laptop with this kind of internals isn’t going to exactly be thin and light but that’s okay for a gaming laptop and within the limits of how small a device with the above hardware can be, the SC17 manages to stay reasonably compact. At its thickest, this notebook measures out at 1.3 inches and weighs in at a fairly hefty 8.93lbs. EVGA has also given the SC17 a GUI BIOS package with mouse navigation capacity, allowing for user control of advanced hardware and power settings like voltage and so forth. Furthermore, a button to the right of the notebook’s chassis allows for CMOS clearing in case of unstable overclocking. According to EVGA, this makes the SC17 the “World’s first true overclocking laptop”. We’ll reserve judgement on this claim for the time being.

The EVGA SC17 can be ordered directly from the company’s own website for a not so cheap price tag of $3,000 (would you really expect it to cost less than a couple grand at least?) and the full shipping package comes with an EVGA backpack, X10 mouse and Unigine Superposition Advanced Edition included.

According to EVGA, the SC17 is their own from-scratch build with unibody design. In other words, there’s no repackaged inferior brand technology at play here. Additional basic hardware specs in the SC17 include a backlit keyboard, HDMI 2.0b connectivity, dual mini-DisplayPort 1.4 ports, 802.11ac WiFi, GbE LAN connectivity and three USB 3.0 Type-A ports.

On a final note, we should mention that because the SC17 notebook comes with Windows 10 64bit, Intel Core i7 CPU hardware and NVIDIA GTX10 GPU technology,  this laptop is basically perfect for watching Netflix movies and programming in native 4K UHD right on its screen provided you’ve got a streaming internet connection that’s good enough to handle it. (If you’re buying a gaming laptop like this, then presumably you do have just such an internet connection). Kaby Lake i7 chipsets and NVIDIA’s own GTX10 GPUs are designed to make the notebooks and PC’s they run in compatible with the requirements of streaming 4K UHD content from Netflix direct to PC so long as Windows 10 is being used. Furthermore, while we don’t know if the SC17’s display also supports HDR, the NVIDIA GTX10 Pascal GPU’s are all built for HDR gaming support as well.

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