Dual 4K TV Weekend Deal: Sony A1E HDR OLED 55 & 65 Inch TV For $300 & $500 Off

by on August 26, 2017

Stephan Jukic – August 26, 2017

Sony’s A1E 4K HDR OLED TV is the company’s first ever OLED television and as we found out in our very recent in-depth review of this stunning piece of home entertainment technology, Sony has truly delivered the goods on a 2017 4K TV that is probably the single best television manufactured by this company to date. We’re not just saying this for the sake of hyperbole. As our review covers extensively, this particular 4K HDR TV performs extremely well across the board in all major categories of home entertainment quality in a TV.

The A1E not only offers up the incredibly rich deep black levels, perfect contrast and pixel-precise local dimming technology of all OLED TVs, it also comes with some of the broadest and best high dynamic range specs and support we’ve yet seen in any OLED ultra HD TV so far. Colors appear rich, deep and extremely vibrant in this television while its motion handling specs are simply fantastic at handling any sort of content from non-4K TV movies to 4K UHD HDR Blu-ray discs to streamed 4K videos and all sorts of entertainment in between. The A1E is also one bright performer, delivering some genuinely cutting-edge levels of display brightness for a 2017 OLED television model. Other cool and very distinct features of the A1E include a one-of-a-kind speaker system that’s built right into this television’s display, for some of the most accurately broadcast sound you’ve even seen in any 4K TV manufactured so far.

Sony XBRA1E HDR OLED 55 & 65 Inch TV


In basic terms, Sony has given LG’s dominance of the OLED HDR 4K TV market a true run for its money with the XBRA1E. However, our only complaint during our review of the A1E was that it’s price is definitely on the steep side. Now though, thanks to Amazon’s relentless tendency toward high quality product discounts, This stunner of a first-ever Sony OLED HDR television is selling for its lowest prices ever, for both the 55 inch and 65 inch models. It’s still pricier than comparable LG OLED TVs such as the also excellent C7, (which we review in depth here) but for those of you who are ardent fans of Sony’s particular 4K TV designs and technology, the A1E is definitely the OLED for you and the discounts being offered for it right now on Amazon mean some legitimately solid savings on this ultra-premium piece of home entertainment technology.


How good are the discounts? Well, the 55 inch model is selling right now for $2,998.00. Pricey, yes but that’s $300 cheaper than its most recent previous retail price of $3,298.00. Or, if you want OLED in an even more impressive size factor, there’s the 65 inch version of the A1E, which is being discounted down to $3,998 from a most recent previous price of $4,497.99. That’s an even bigger savings of $499 we’re talking about here.

Sony and OLED have proven that they mix exceptionally well and those of you who are already familiar with LG’s remarkable OLED 4K HDR TVs will love the highly unique design of the A1E.

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