Don’t Miss NASCAR in 4K UHD this Sunday April 2nd, courtesy of DirecTV and Fox Sports

by on March 31, 2017

Stephan Jukic – March 31, 2017

In addition to a whole lineup of 4K UHD sports-casts of NBA basketball games, Major League Baseball matches and even college football events for the whole of 2017, DirecTV is working with Fox Sports to bring NASCAR and Formula 1 races to its subscribers in ultra HD.


Last weekend, the broadcasting service unleashed a live broadcast of the Formula One’s first race of the season in 4K resolution and this next Sunday, they’ll be delivering the same for NASCAR at Martinsville Speedway.

Fox Sports is producing the race and recording the action with an array of 4K ultra HD cameras while doing a side-by-side production in HD. The HD recordings will be managed by the Fox Sports Game Creek Video FX unit while the 4K editing will be handled in the Yogi unit next door. Audio between the two types of recordings will be integrated so that all audiences watching from home get the same footage angles, commentary and audio quality.

In other words, as Brad Cheney, VP of technical operations for Fox Sports Media Group explained,

“We are taking a hybrid approach to a single unified production. And we have filled up every single source just to pull this shadow cut off, as we have made everything 4K without getting in the way of the HD show.”

All of the 4K recordings will be captured with an array of 17 Sony HDC-4300 professional cameras as well as a single HDC-4800 high-speed 4K recording unit and two other HDC-P43 recorders. There will also be a single 4K Inertia Unlimited camera for special 4K video angles on standby for the Sunday NASCAR event. All of the 1080p HD and 720p HD recordings, delivered by a separate array of cameras, will be upconverted to 4K as well. Color signals for all recordings will be processed through the 4K Yogi studio as well for color correction and shading while the Vizrt graphics for the NASCAR race will be delivered in 4K resolution as well.

The 4K Genie HD DVR

The DirecTV 4K Genie HD DVR

The Sunday NASCAR race will be delivered to DirecTV Channel 106 starting at 2 p.m. ET. Fans of live ultra HD sports on their TVs who want to enjoy these and future DirecTV/Fox Sports 4K broadcasts will need a Genie HD DVR of model HR54 or newer, a DirecTV Ready 4K TV or a 4K TV connected to a 4K Genie Mini device and a subscription to the ENTERTAINMENT package from DirecTV will be required. The Genie HD DVR must also be installed by a certified DirecTV technician.

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