“Donnie Darko” Coming Back to Theaters in Glorious 4K UHD Restoration

by on March 1, 2017

Stephan Jukic – March 1, 2017

When Donnie Dark first came out in theaters in 2001, it flopped completely.. Shortly after its DVD release though, this obscure movie slowly started to build fan momentum and before long it was a cult classic that remains famous and beloved to this day. Incidentally, the movie also kickstarted the Hollywood career of a then barely known Jake Gyllenhaal.

Now, for those of us who only got to see this hauntingly surreal piece of science fiction legend on the little screen through a less than stellar DVD copy or some streamed source, the chance is finally coming back to appreciate Donnie Darko in cinematic glory. Thanks to a new select theater 4K UHD release of the movie, Donnie Darko’s bizarre-as-hell adventures with warped time, airplane turbines and the meaning of death with his sort-of-imaginary friend, Frank the Rabbit are coming back to the big screen.

In honor of the movie’s 15th anniversary, the creators of Donnie Darko are going to be releasing the movie in a full 4K restoration to 22 different theaters  scattered all over the United States on select dates and for short theatrical runs. For those of you who are (like this writer) major fans of this bizarre little cult movie, be warned though that some of these theaters –listed further down—will be screening the Director’s Cut version of the movie while others run the original theatrical version that flopped so badly but worked so well in the minds of so many admirers.

Whichever version you run across in the participating theater closest to your home, you’ll at least get to enjoy either one in the kind of big screen 4K beauty with which Donnie Darko has never before been shown. Then there’s also the wonderfully fitting soundtrack to the movie. It’s worth hearing and especially for the hauntingly strategic use of “Mad World” by Gary Jules.

Here courtesy of YouTube in case you’re curious

For those of you who’ve never seen Donnie Darko, the movie is notoriously hard to explain, but in basic terms it tells the story of a suburban teenager (Donnie Darko himself) who narrowly dodges being killed in his own bed one night through one extremely bizarre accident, only to later start seeing a figure in a hideous bunny costume who begins to guide his life while showing him visions of the future. Trying to explain or reveal any more than this would just ruin the weirdness, but I promise you, it’s hard not to at least enjoy the strangely haunting piece of cinematic magic that is Donnie Darko.


Here are the theaters and dates in which Donnie Darko will be playing in 4K resolution:

  • Amherst, MA – Amherst Cinema (March 5)
  • Austin, TX – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Village (March 31 and April 1)
  • Baton Rouge, LA – Manship Theatre (April 1)
  • Columbia, SC – Nickelodeon Theatre (October 31)
  • Columbus, OH – Gateway Film Center (Opening March 31)
  • Dallas, TX – Texas Theatre (March 31 and April 1)
  • Denver, CO – SIE FilmCenter (March 31)
  • Detroit, MI – Cinema Detroit (April 7)
  • Durham, NC – Carolina Theatre (April 15 to 17)
  • El Paso, TX – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Montecillo (Opening April 7)
  • Honolulu, HI – Doris Duke Theatere (March 31)
  • Jacksonville, FL – Sleeping Giant Film Festival (TBD)
  • Los Angeles, CA – Cinefamily (Opening March 31)
  • New York, NY – Metrograph (Opening March 31)
  • Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma City Museum of Art (April 14 to April 16)
  • Phoenix, AZ – FilmBar (Opening March 31)
  • Pittsburgh, PA – Hollywood Theatre Dormont (Opening March 31)
  • San Francisco, CA – Roxie Theatre (Opening March 31)
  • Sioux Falls, SD – Indievents (April 12)
  • Stamford, CT – Avon Theatre (April 18)
  • Tucson, AZ – Loft Cinema (April 14 to April 16)
  • Winston-Salem, NC – a/perture cinema (April 10 to April 13)

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