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Take a look at drone maker DJI’s cool and highly affordable new 4K UHD steadicam

by on October 9, 2015

Stephan Jukic – October 09, 2015

As we’ve covered here on more than one occasion in both our news and reviews, DJI is one very sharp manufacturer of drones with some impressive flying ability and in many ways superb 4K video camera manufacturing chops.

Thus, when the famous drone maker comes out with yet another interesting 4K UHD video capture product, we certainly take notice, as should most fans of 4K video and camera technology in general.

The company that brought is several fascinating drones with their Phantom line of UAVs is now also moving into the handheld camera market. So far, they’re starting off with a brand new 4k-shooting 12 megapixel handheld Steadicam that we’d call a natural offshoot of the video technology they already place in their drones, which includes both excellent gimbal-mounted image stabilization and some fantastic quality of 4K ultra HD video capture.

The Osmo, as the new camera is called, is designed to eliminate even some of the worst of blurry video recording cinematography with its image stabilization technology.

Looking a lot like a press microphone, the Osmo comes with a one-hand grip, a mount for smartphones and of course the 12 megapixel 4K video camera that forms the device’s centerpiece. The camera itself looks like a giant electronic eye with its spherical shape and can easily be switched out for any one of DJI’s own drone-mounted Zenmuse cameras that are often used in the company’s UAVs.

As should be obvious, the compatibility of all these technologies fits perfectly with the needs of DJI’s cameras when they’re on the drones themselves: during flight, image stabilization for photos and ultra HD resolution video is absolutely vital and from what we’ve seen so far, works superbly in existing DJI drones. Thus, we can almost certainly expect the same caliber of stabilization in the Osmo.

You can see exactly what kind of stability the Osmo (and also DJI’s other drone mounted gimbal/camera combos) is capable of in the video below:

As for further details of the Osmo’s design, the overall device comes with controls built right into its grip for minimal user movement while adjusting video parameters, pausing, stopping or switching to photo shooting from video while in the middle of using the camera. Furthermore, there are settings for panorama, slow motion (between 120fps at 720p resolution), and timelapse recording.

In addition to all this, as we’d said, the Osmo also comes with a smartphone mount, which is useful since the camera doesn’t come with its own LCD or OLED display and instead relies on the screen of your phone itself. The Osmo can also be decked out with further optional accessories such as a tripod, bike mount, extension arm and others, all of which are sold separately.

Finally, if you’re wondering why you’d want to buy such a camera device if you possibly already have a drone and some sort of handheld camera like a DSLR or a 4K mirrorless, well, the Osmo truly is perfectly suited for shooting dead steady video in very difficult hand-operated field conditions and it’s hard to find much of anything else quite like it on the current market, at least for the devices opening price tag of just $650 for the whole assembly or considerably less money if you buy the handle alone.

The Osmo ships as of the 15th of October, 2015 and is now available for pre-order.

The Osmo offers a lot of innovative 4K video recording flexibility

The Osmo offers a lot of innovative 4K video recording flexibility

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  • Marco
    October 10, 2015 at 10:34 am

    It’s hard to find much of anything else on the market quite like it, unless you have a GoPro, then you can find Feiyu-Tech’s G3 or G4 Ultra hand held 3-axis gimbal. I have both the G3 Ultra and the G4 Ultra that I use for my GoPros, and it works excellent in otherwise shaky situations. It makes your video look so professional. They G3 Ultra just went down in price when they release the G4 Ultra, so you can get it for around $200 or less. I was going to sell mine when I bought the G4, but decided to keep it since I have 3 GoPros. You can also get extensions for the handle for the G4. They are about 18 inches and are made of carbon fiber. I’ve connected up to 3 together, have 8 total. You can get amazing boom type shots. Also, the G4 comes with a remote that allows you to control the pan and tilt, so if you are going for a steady shot 6 feet above your head, but want to pan and tilt, you can do that without moving the entire rig. I also have the Phantom 2 and plan to buy the Phantom 3 as well, but if I were to get an Inspire 1, then perhaps this gizmo would be a must have.


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