More Display Makers to offer 5K UHD Monitors in 2015

by on November 26, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 26, 2014

If 4K resolution in PC monitors wasn’t enough, the next big thing is already arriving in store shelves in the form of a growing number of models with 5K displays, from different brands.

As the average price point of 4K monitor gradually moves closer to mainstream pricing, the 5K PC monitor market is expected to become the new de-factor premium standard as of next year. This is already in the process of happening and PC makers will have yet another level of display resolution to develop adequate software for very soon.

Already, Dell and Apple have both already released their own 5K Desktop monitors for sale to the public. In Apple’s case, the 5K resolution comes in the form of the new iMac desktop machine with 5K Retina display and Dell’s 5K offering is the UltraSharp 27 inch PC monitor.

While these two monitors currently represent the only options for 5K resolution available to consumers, by 2015 this is expected to change considerably.

According to reports from the website Digitimes, a number of other electronics makers are already working on ultra HD 5K monitors for the commercial, gaming and professional market sectors.

Two of these are LG Electronics, which is a major leader in cutting edge 4K TV technology, and Philips, which has already produced some high quality 4K monitors for the consumer market. Another brand that’s also likely to follow with 5K in 2015 is Samsung, whose existing line of 4K PC displays is surprisingly reasonably priced.

While most PC panel makers will remain focused principally on making more affordable, better designed 4K monitors for gamers and professional consumers, 5k is definitely going to become more widespread even among lesser known PC display manufacturers in 2015. However, the leaders in the manufacture of 5K panels are expected to be Samsung and LG. This despite the head start that Apple and Dell in particular have gotten with their already on sale 5K display panel models.

The overall market for LCD PC displays is also expected to hit 136 million units sold by the end of this year and slightly less in 2015 as the desktop PC industry itself declines in favor of laptops and other devices such as tablets and even smartphones.

In other words, the market for 4K and 5K PC screens will concentrate itself more and more towards specialized consumer segments in the coming years. These will mainly include gamers, corporate professionals in design related fields (who need truly profound resolution on a powerful desktop rig) and business executives.

5K resolution offers a dramatically increased pixel count over even 4K displays

5K resolution offers a dramatically increased pixel count over even 4K displays

One particularly interesting thing to see will be how the technology inside PCs themselves develops to cope with the advent of 5K PC displays. Curently, even with the still new 4K panel market, software and chip designers are racing to come out with processors and GPUs that can handle rendering 4K graphics at smooth frame rates. The arrival of 5K PCs will only speed this race up and is likely to open even more advanced PC hardware developments.

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