Dish Network’s newest set-top boxes are coming up according to EchoStar CEO

by on May 11, 2015

Stephan Jukic – May 11, 2015

The CEO of EchoStar, a major manufacturer of set-top boxes and related pay TV technologies, has publically announced that the company is in the “tail-end” of product development for its very latest set-top box, which it will start shipping out to Dish Network later in 2015.

Dish is Echostar’s main customer for set-top boxes and will be benefitting from an infusion of new 4K UHD technology in these home video media devices for Dish Network’s customers.

According to Michael Dugan, EchoStar CEO, “One of the products and which we are most excited is the already-announced 4K Joey”. According to Dugan, the Joey is the first 4K ultra HD set-top box from a pay-TV provider that is compliant with all HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and other main K4 media standards and will be functional with a wide range of 4K televisions models and brands.

Dish Network had already shown off this particular product earlier in the year at the International CES in Las Vegas and will now be presenting it to customers as soon as possible in 2015.

Since the Joey will be compliant with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 among other things, it should make a nice fit in 4K home entertainment systems where media standards compliance is becoming increasingly crucial for users who want access to the latest and best streaming 4K movies and programs.

Dugan also added that his company, EchoStar, is also developing security-based and home media automation additions to their product line which will be “well-received” by customers.

In specific reference to Dish Network’s plans to introduce 4K media via this latest set-top box, Dugan explained that while Dishes’ 4K plans aren’t that visible to his company and that he can’t publically comment on much of what’s going on, there is definitely a lot happening in the area of 4K home entertainment.

Dish Network has plans to be one of the major players in the domestic 4K home entertainment industry

Dish Network has plans to be one of the major players in the domestic 4K home entertainment industry

According to Dugan, 4K PPV and 4K special events over PPV are going to be a major starting point for the industry and the development of the Joey 4K set-top box is an attempt to ensure that 4K media can be viewed by users in the home with a technological guarantee of all the features, standards and technologies needed for smooth viewing as 4K media rolls out.

However, Dish Network itself also has a major secondary part to play in the roll-out of 4K media to its customers and this involves effective management of how they allocate their bandwidth for data-heavy ultra HD video. Doing this will definitely require improvements in bandwidth infrastructure and general allocation prioritization.

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