DirecTV to Expand its 4K UHD Channel Service to a Cheaper Subscription Package

by on December 21, 2016

Stephan Jukic – December 21, 2016

DirecTV, which runs a satellite 4K content service that consists of three ultra HD channels, is now allowing subscribers of its “Select” Plan to also access the company’s 4K content offerings. This new offer also includes the ultra HD content of DirecTV’s channel 106, which features select live MLB and NBA sports events as well as Notre Dame football games and certain golf tournaments live in 4K resolution.

The other two channels in the DirecTV lineup offer a pay per view service for movies and other special programming and a general entertainment channel with more assorted content in UHD.

Overall, the “Select” subscription package comes with 145 channels and costs about $50 per month. This is one of DirecTV’’ most affordable channels along with the company’s Family plan but previously, the “Select” channel did not offer any 4K UHD content. That was instead reserved for subscribers to the pricier “Ultimate” and “Premier” plans from DirecTV. In other words, all three plans now offer the same ultra HD entertainment selections even though the Premier and Ultimate packages offer much larger numbers of non-4K channels and thus still cost a fair bit more.

The ultra HD content now available on the DirecTV “Select” Channel thus consists of the following, according to the services own site:

“DIRECTV offers 4K channels broadcasting 4K programming around the clock. Currently, our 4K lineup consists of three channels: 104, 105, and 106. Only channels 104 and 105 are full-time 4K channels.

Channel 104 features a mix of 4K content, including nature documentaries and original content from AUDIENCE®.

Channel 105 is a Pay Per View movie channel playing full-length feature movies and short-form documentaries.

Channel 106 is an event channel featuring free 4K live events such as Amen Corner from the Masters and Pay Per View events.”

Now, while the subscription offerings with access to 4K entertainment have now expanded, DirecTV customers who want to watch all of this UHD content at its new and more affordable price will still have to actually own a newer model 4K TV with HEVC, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0. Furthermore, DirecTV requires that 4K-consuming subscribers own one of the service’s HR54 Genie HD DVR devices, which has to be installed by a DirecTV technician to work.


These additional technologies obviously come with their own cost but at least the monthly cost of getting 4K content from the DirecTV service has now gone down.

What should have some particular appeal in the roster of 4K content from the DirecTVservice is the access to live 4K sports events that it offers. Unlike canned ultra HD movies and programming, live sportscasts in 4K are a much rarer species of content and offered by only a limited number of content services.

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