DirecTV to broadcast 25 Major League Baseball Games in 4K for the season

by on April 15, 2016

Stephan Jukic – April 15, 2016

AT&T, the parent company of DirecTV, has announced that their DirecTV subscribers will have access to 25 Major League Baseball games in native 4K ultra HD resolution for this opening baseball season.

The games start as of today with the L.A Dodgers vs. the San Francisco Giants on the MLB Network and will expand from there throughout the season.

Subscribers of DirecTV who want access to the live 4K broadcast versions of the games will need to be signed up with one of DirecTV’s Ultimate or Premier packages and will also have to have the latest version of the Genie HD DVR (version HR54) installed to their DirecTV-ready 4K TV or to another compatible UHD TV model that’s connected to a Genie Mini client device.

The Dodgers vs. San Franciso Giants game will mark the first ever live 4K UHD broadcast of a U.S Major League Baseball game and is arriving just in time to catch up with very similar live 4K broadcasts being provided by Rogers and its Sportsnet cable service in Canada. The Canadian 4K baseball broadcasting effort will cover a total of 81 home games for the Toronto Blue Jays throughout 2016 and deliver them to Sportsnet subscribers who own 4K TVs and one of Roger’s SportsBox 4K set-top boxes.

DirecTV’s MLB broadcasts will not come too cheap however, given that users who want to get a subscription to these new 4K programming channels will need to subscribe to the company’s Ultimate or Premier programming package, buy themselves a HR54 Genie HD DVR system and also get a 4K Genie mini for most models of 4K TV.

Subscribers of DirecTV's Ultimate or Premier packages will also need the latest 4K Genie DVR for their 4K TV

Subscribers of DirecTV’s Ultimate or Premier packages will also need the latest 4K Genie DVR for their 4K TV

Nonetheless, the development of these assorted live 4K streaming and broadcast services from these two major telecoms companies and others in other markets also serve to show just how far the options for 4K UHD content have come since the display and content resolution first emerged on the consumer marketplace in 2013. Just last year in early 2015, there existed no regular live consumer 4K streaming or broadcasting services of any kind in North America or anywhere else for that matter and now they’re starting to proliferate.

As for the DirecTV live MLB 4K delivery schedule, it will proceed as follows following today’s game

April 15 – Giants @ Dodgers

April 19 – Cubs @ Cardinals

April 29 – Yankees @ Red Sox

April 30 – Yankees @ Red Sox

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