DirecTV Now Offers A Free Apple TV 4K, With One Major Condition

by on December 29, 2017
Stephan Jukic – December 29, 2017

If you’re a DirecTV subscriber who’s thinking of finally upgrading to a new 4K ultra HD TV, or maybe if you’re a 4K TV owner thinking of getting a new content subscription, in either case, DirecTV’s latest offer delivers a hefty bit of incentive.

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The satellite subscription service is letting its new and existing customers move more into streaming media by offering the new Apple TV 4K set-top streaming media box for free so long as they pre-pay for at least four months of a DirecTV Now subscription.

Interestingly, the deal is valid across all four tiers of DirecTV Now’s subscription service offers, not just the priciest 4K-capable package. Thus, customers who go for the company’s cheapest “Live a Little” package that includes only a little over 60 channels and costs $35 per month can get the $179.99 – $199.99 Apple TV 4K by paying those first four $35 payments right up front. The other packages offered by DirecTV include the “Just Right” with 80 channels, the “Go Big” package with over 100 channels and the “Gotta Have” premiere package which offers 120 channels in total and costs about $70.

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All four of DirecTV Now’s tiers of service offer access to 4K content and in any case, the Apple TV 4K set-top box offers its own massive selection of apps for streaming 4k ultra HD movies and other programming. Most notable among these are Netflix and Apple’s iTunes service, which lets you buy or rent ultra HD titles at some genuinely competitive prices.


DirecTV’s own native satellite 4K offerings can be found on 4K channels broadcasting UHD programming around the clock. Currently, their 4K lineup consists of three channels: 104, 105, and 106. Only Ch. 104 and Ch. 105 are full-time 4K channels however. Obviously, to enjoy all these ultra HD options, you’ll actually need a 4K ultra HD TV and if you want to get the best of Apple’s HDR Dolby Vision 4K UHD content through the Apple TV 4K box that DirecTV is offering, your best choice would be a 4K TV with high dynamic range built into it.

DirecTV Now is also included in the Apple TV 4K ecosystem, letting subscribers access a range of sports and other entertainment offerings. There are also regional sports networks being made available to some areas of the U.S. Two examples of this being the MSG and MSG Plus sports networks via DirecTV Now in the New York market.

The DirecTV Now subscription service also offers sportscasts from affiliate partnerships it has with companies like Fox. These are also available via DirecTV Now, which itself doesn’t require a cable or satellite subscription like the main DirecTV subscription packages do.

Consumers who are interested in DirecTV’s 4K subscription packages and the free Apple TV 4K set-top box that comes with them under the 4 month up-front payment option will also need to own a 4K TV and have enough internet bandwidth to cover their streaming needs for 4K ultra HD content.

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