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DirecTV Now’s Deal On An Apple TV 4K for Just $105 Is Simply Fantastic

by on February 21, 2018
Stephan Jukic – February 21, 2018

Whatever thoughts you may have had about signing up for DirecTV Now at any point in the near future, these two deals are pretty damn good. The Apple TV 4K’s cheapest version costs nearly $200 and the Amazon Fire TV 4K normally retails for almost $70. Here they’re being discounted tremendously down to nearly 50% off.

The way these two deals work is pretty simple. If you prepay 3 months of DirecTV Now, the Apple TV 4K model is yours for that genuinely, fantastically low price mentioned above, or if you go for 1 month prepaid worth of the subscription service, you get the Amazon Fire TV 4K for its own impressive discount. These deals both apply for customers who sign up even for DirecTV’s cheapest plan at $35 per month, so they aren’t just bait for getting some bloated services package which goes beyond what you might need.

The Amazon Fire TV is actually particularly good here since even with the one month DirecTV prepay at $35, what you spend costs less than the retail price of the little 4K HDR streaming dongle, which sells on for $70 retail. Since all of these subscription prepay deals do actually include some pretty robust streaming channel access, the overall value being offered is great.

DirecTV Now offers other packages as well, all of which apply with the same conditions in the above deal. The full menu of subscription options is as follows:

  • $35/mo – 60+ channels including AMC, Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPN2
  • $50/mo – 80+ channels including ESPN News, ESPNU, MLB Network
  • $60/mo – 100+ channels including Fox Sports 2, NBA TV, DIY, Golf
  • $70/mo – 120+ channels including all Starz networks

Again, we’d call this a legitimately great deal.

Unfortunately, existing DirecTV Now subscribers are SOL, since the above only applies to new customers. However, up to two accounts can be signed up for per household and the devices themselves are shipped via FedEx for arrival within a couple weeks.

As for the Apple TV 4K and the Amazon Fire TV 4K devices themselves, we’ve reviewed both and can safely say that they’re superb pieces of home entertainment technology, especially for owners of newer 4K HDR TVs. The Amazon Fire TV 4K in particular delivers some exquisite value due to its full support for 4K streaming, high dynamic range and even Dolby Atmos sound.


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The Apple TV 4K is (at its regular price) a bit on the pricey side but in exchange, you get support for Dolby Vision HDR (it’s currently the only set-top streaming media device to offer this HDR format) and access to the huge and growing collection of ultra HD HDR movies available on iTunes.

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Either one of these boxes already offers lots of value at its regular price and comes packed with access to a huge menu of streaming media apps. Getting them at nearly half off just for giving yourself paid access to even more content channels from DirecTV’s offerings is a sincerely good bargain.

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