Digital Photography and Video Bring your 4K TV to Life with Homemade Content

by on September 17, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 17th, 2014

While the sales of 4K TVs grow at an enormously fast rate worldwide, the 4K content revolution hasn’t quite yet arrived… Sure, many players on the market are creating or already releasing new Ultra HD offerings in movies, TV shows and other content, but it’s still a meagre offering in comparison to what HD entertainment brings to the table.

Furthermore, Blu-Ray 4K is coming out next year and once it does, we’ll likely see an explosion in movies and documentaries that anyone with a UHD screen can watch even if they don’t have the kind of internet connection which accesses media streams of 4K video from providers like Amazon or Netflix.

However, for now, for most people, watching something filmed or remastered in the real native resolution still isn’t really possibly on their Ultra HD TV at home.

Nonetheless, there is a pretty cool temporary solution that just about anyone with a bit of extra money can take advantage of to put their UHD TV to use while the professional content steadily accumulates. This solution comes in the form of homemade movies and photos, and it’s a great way to make use of your 4K TV in those moments when you’ve got no native Ultra HD videos to watch.

As for movies, you will need to get your hands on a 4K capable video camera. Luckily however, these are steadily getting cheaper to buy and if you happen to have one of the latest flagship smartphones from makers such as LG, Samsung, Sony or Acer (yes, Acer), then you can take some short but fully UHD video shots of whatever you want and see what native 4K video really looks like on a fully UHD screen.

Or, if you have an iPhone 5 and $1000 dollars to spend, you can grab the VizzyWig app from the iTunes store. This handy little 4K video production tools may be insanely expensive for an app but what it does do is offer you the chance to create high quality 4K video even if your iPhone doesn’t have a native 4K camera (which it doesn’t).

This it does by taking 24 photos with the phones 8 megapixel camera per second and then displaying them in a fully fluid video sequence. It’s a neat hack that gets around the lack of 4K video on any existing iPhone. This trick from the 4K Vizzywig app also brings us to our next and most important point.

One of the coolest uses you can put your 4K TV or monitor to in the absence of native 4K video is to use it for displaying your digital photos, from any modern digital camera at all. Why is this so cool? Because even ordinary modern digital cameras take photos whose pixel load far surpasses that of any 4K still image from a UHD movie, and never mind the resolution of HD 1080p screens.

The sheer pixel quantity of even an ordinary 8 megapixel camera is something you haven’t yet really appreciated until you actually view it on a format that permits something close to its full expression of clarity. Your images, taken with your smart phone, camcorder, digital DSLR or whatever kind of newer model digital camera you have will be viewable in the full brightness, tonality and clarity that 4K allows them, and the better shots you’ve taken will make you lose your breath.

HD photo for display on 4K TV

Even ordinary digital camera photos have enough pixels to really show off their clarity on a 4K screen

All you need is your digital camera, its images, a USB or HDMI cable and, of course, a 4K TV or PC monitor.

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