Meet the 4K screen display that turns digital art into an “analog” visual decoration

by on December 12, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – December 12, 2014

Works of wall art are no longer stuck on paper and canvas thanks to a new 4K ultra HD visual display screen that you can hang right up on your walls just like an analog painting.

And with this digitization of what was previously the domain of brush and canvas, changing masterpieces from one type to another is as simple as reprogramming what your 4K “painting” displays and when.

This is what the Depict Frame is all about. It’s a giant 55 inch 4K digital display that can be loaded with high resolution images of any artwork that you’ve made yourself or bought from someone and then set to display or change it on a certain schedule thanks to a very handy iOS app that complements the Depict.

With a native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, the Depict’s digital display is guaranteed to give you maximal clarity for your artwork and both photos and paintings displayed on it look much more like museum pieces than simple digital images. Oh and it also supports animated GIFs so move over stagnant canvas, the Depict is offering artwork in motion too.

However, this ultra HD screen isn’t in any way a TV or a PC monitor for that matter, so you won’t be able to change channels on it or tune into the latest ultra HD streams from Netflix and Amazon. Nonetheless, given its large size and resolution, the visual impact of the displayed art is quite impressive.

High-res photos of Picasso works can look just like museum pieces thanks to the 4K resolution of the Depict Frame

High-res photos of Picasso works can look just like museum pieces thanks to the 4K resolution of the Depict Frame

Furthermore, because the designers of the Depict Frame are conscious that most people want an art display monitor to look like like an actual picture frame, they’ve designed it so that it perfectly resembles a piece of framed artwork. This even includes a natural birch wood frame that surrounds the screen and a wonderfully flat design that can be easily mounted on any wall with nobody the wiser unless they walk right up to the display and notice the distinctions between it and real framed canvas or paper.

As part of this little deception, all the internal electronics are completely hidden and it has no visible ports hanging out. The only visible electronic component is the power cord and that can be hidden with a bit of creative positioning. The Depict can also easily be rotated from portrait to landscape depending on what kind of art you want to have on your wall.

Finally, the Frame is designed to work with the company’s Depict iOS app and art service, meaning that you can also access a database of numerous and diverse existing pieces of artwork and buy them for display for as little as $8 each. The manufacturer also plans to soon allow users to upload images of their own paintings, drawings and photographs.

As for pricing, you can have the Depict Frame for just $1,800. A bit pricey for something that isn’t a TV or a PC monitor but maybe not so bad when you consider how many different works of art you can showcase depending on your mood.

Depict is currently taking pre-orders and will be shipping out the first units in June of 2015. And who knows, if the Depict Frame becomes popular, we can also probably soon expect an 8K version of this screen. The 33 million pixels that go into an 8K screen would be perfect for this kind of static use of high-res digital photos.

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