Deluxe to Deliver 4K Movies, Shows and Local Content to LG 4K TVs

by on September 18, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 18th, 2014

Deluxe Digital Distributions is claiming to have landed a deal with LG Electronics Corporation for the processing and distribution of assorted 4K content to the manufacturer’s new lines of Ultra HD TV sets that are already on sale or reaching the market soon.

The company, which handles media management and distribution in several major international markets including the U.S, India, China and Western Europe, has made a deal with LG to handle content preparation and packing of both native and remastered 4K Hollywood movies, shows and local content by region.

Some of Deluxe’s additional work will include testing and doing quality analysis of frame rates, color gamut and bitrates on LGs most advanced 4K TVs. They will also be involved in software decoding for the sake of making sure that the playback systems of LG TVs are optimized for the most ideal possible streaming and download functionality.

Furthermore, Deluxe will be providing localization capabilities for LG’s Ultra HD TVs that will be launching in Europe, Asia and the North American market. This project includes creating subtitles, dubbing and audio optimization features for movies, documentaries and TV shows in 4K.

According to Cyril Drabinsky, CEO of Deluxe Entertainment, “We’re pleased to be providing the end to end workflow for LG to deliver superior 4K UHD experience that will scale as the market matures.” He also said that “Deluxe has invested in the technologies and operational processes for the production of new transcoding/encoding formats such as 4K and HEVC to reduce the operational and capital investments and complexity that our customers will incur to advance 4K UHD in the marketplace”.

The essential overall work of Deluxe will consist of taking 4K content selected by LG for its new TVs, preparing it, processing it and localizing it before then preloading the content onto hard drive media players that will be included with select models of LG UHD TVs.

The particular emphasis will likely be on some of the most recent and later models of LG 4K sets and this should particularly include the new LG line of OLED 4K TVs, which are the first of their kind in the entire worldwide TV market.

The aim of the contract with Deluxe is so that LG can ensure its customers gain access to the full range of capabilities that are needed to make sure their 4K content experience is delivered at the best possible quality and optimal bitrate for full bandwidth efficiency.

This is all fine but it also requires that LG Electronics actually has a meaningful library of content to offer in the first place. While this may indeed be the case (we’ll see when the content starts getting delivered via TV include media players), LG is also facing some stiff competition from the proprietary content selections of both Samsung and Sony, both of which are creating their own libraries of remastered or native filmed content.

LG 77EG9700 4K OLED

LG 77EG9700 4K OLED TVs are one of the models likely to receive the LG Content loaded media boxes

Samsung for its part has its own preloaded content on offer and has also made a special deal with both Netflix and Amazon for delivery of streaming 4K to its TVs for customers whose internet connections can handle the dataflow. Sony, on the other hand is so far the undisputed kind of 4K content, given its native library of 4K material remastered or even filmed by the giant company’s media arm, Sony Studios. Sony is also soon going to be offering streaming VOD thanks to a recent agreement with NanoTech Entertainment.

In the current market of still limited 4K solutions, these kinds of preloaded offers and exclusive streaming deals that each of the major 4K TV makers are creating have a lot of importance as far as enticing customers into spending money on still expensive 4K TVs goes.

LG is facing some stiff competition and the Deluxe deal is an important factor in ensuring a content quality edge.

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