Consumer awareness of 4K ultra HD grows to 30% according to new study

by on March 16, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 16, 2015

According to research findings from Leichtman Research Group, the latest level of awareness for 4K ultra HD TVs has definitely grown and continues to rise.

The company’s latest poll of US adults shows that roughly 41% of this broad demographic has at least heard of 4K TVs and based on this percentage, Leichman’s survey indicates that awareness has grown by 30% between this year and the last.

Additional findings also indicate that consumer desire for a 4K TV is quite high as well, with about 26% of those who have seen a 4K TV in action somewhere being interested in buying one of their own. In contrast, only 6% of potential adult buyers who don’t know what 4K ultra HD TVs are or look like expressed any interest in the technology.

The drastic difference indicates a very high level of consumer satisfaction and quality perception being induced by actual contact with 4K TVs as opposed to just hearing about them. And given what kind of visual difference the larger models do create when playing native 4K UHD content at just under 5 times the resolution of Full HD, these results aren’t particularly surprising.

Other information found by the consumer research study from Leichtman Research Group show that smart TVs continue to march firmly forward into buyers homes with 56% of new TV owners who bought in the past year having chosen as smart TV as their new entertainment unit. Furthermore, 38% of these new smart TV owners have also connected their TV to the web and can thus extract its maximal level of interactive user engagement.

Out of all the TVs used in the United States, about 11% are web-connected smart TVs. This figure is rising but still leaves the U.S lagging behind at least a few overseas markets, particularly in Pacific Asia.

The smart TV interface of a Samsung 4K ultra HD television

The smart TV interface of a Samsung 4K ultra HD television

The Findings by the people at Leichtman Research were based on a survey of 1,231 households throughout the United States and are part of a larger new LRG study about HDTV which shows that 81% of U.S households have at least one HD TV and at least 52% of all homes have multiple HD TVs.

Much of this growth in HD TV expansion has only occurred in the last five years, during which more than a third of all the homes surveyed got their first HD television set.

Thus, although 4K TVs still lag far behind HD TVs in terms of market penetration, we can at least reasonably expect that their wider adoption could happen just as quickly once greater consumer awareness and lower overall prices for the televisions take hold.

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