Chromebooks With 4K Display On The Way…. Probably

by on February 8, 2018
Stephan Jukic – February 8, 2018

A new Commit for Google Chrome is making it extremely likely that we’re going to be seeing Chromebooks soon hit the shelves and digital listings with 4K displays built into them.

This update to what we can probably expect from Chromebooks very soon comes to us in the wake of what’s recently been the case for the Pixelbook from Google, and it seems that Google is getting serious about making their budget notebooks models become more premium and cutting-edge. This is expected to include ultra HD 4K displays as a fundamental ingredient to the shift.

According to reporting from the site Chrome Unboxed, “interesting stuff” is going on with Chromebook development and one of Google’s most important commits on the devices is the inclusion of a 4K ultra HD display into their next generations of Chromebook releases.

While there’s plenty of valid debate about just how useful a 4K UHD display and all of its 8.29 million pixels are inside something as small as a notebook screen, the bottom line is that people always love extra resolution as long as it can be convenient, easy to handle (processing power-wise) and cheap to get their hands on. Google obviously understands this and if any company can pull off all three things in a notebook, we’d bet that it’s the digital technology giant. And if even smartphones are now being sold with 4K displays, a notebook with the same is not such a big deal. It’s almost becoming standard for any newly released premium laptops.

Moving back to the Chromebooks themselves though, there’s Google’s commit on this for evidence. A line in a comment there for the repair of a maladjusted boot logo states the following:

“As an added bonus, this logo is not only much rounder but also higher resolution, making sure it will continue to look crisp and pretty on our secret upcoming 4K Chromebooks.”


So yeah, pretty blatant, almost deliberately as if, you know, Google sort of wants people to find out about this and “leak” it ahead for a bit of buzz building. In other words, unless the person who wrote this in a technical commit was simply joking around, it’s pretty damn obvious that we’re going to be seeing 4K Chromebooks. When they’ll come out, we don’t yet know. What they’ll cost, we can’t say for sure. However if we were to at least guess on pricing, we’d say that they’ll be a bit (maybe 20-30%) more expensive than any existing models but a fair bit cheaper than any ordinary 4K laptop.

This 4K display commit also goes to show that developers and manufacturers want to see the Chrome OS have some genuinely robust hardware backing it up. Other future developments for them might thus also include things like ultra-thin form factors, premium trackpads and backlit keys. We might also see some color palette expansion with a touch of HDR display specs in these upcoming 4K models.

The bottom line in any case is that 4K resolution in ever smaller display devices is the inertia-loaded trend of all screen technology today. It’s most obvious in 4K UHD TVs but the growth of UHD resolution in cameras, projectors, PC monitors and now laptops is pretty much as inevitable as the development of 1080p was in all of these same devices. One way or another, we’re going to see budget notebooks with UHD displays. It’s just good to know that they’re almost certainly coming from Google earlier than expected. The Chrome OS also happens to scale nicely for higher resolutions, so this 4K inclusion is going to (literally) fit them particularly well.

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