The Chinese Market is Creating the Biggest Impact on 4K UHD TV Sales

by on July 17, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – July 17th, 2014

4K TV prices are dropping at a steady and very large rate of speed and have been doing to since they first emerge on the market. Furthermore, this trend will continue until sets are much cheaper still.

This trend is progressing so rapidly that many estimates indicate at least 50% of households in North America alone will have 4K capable TV sets within less than a decade, eventually replacing conventional HD as the main types of high resolution displays.

However, for the moment, North America isn’t yet the biggest 4K TV market in the world and the real leaders in adopting this new ultra-high resolution display technology are the Chinese.

According to research from Business Insider Intelligence, China currently accounts for the overwhelming majority of all worldwide 4K TV shipments, some 78% for 2014 alone.

Furthermore, unlike the case in the market for smart TV, which is dominated by American, Korean and Japanese companies (all of which also produce top of the line 4K TVs), the current 4K TV market is dominated by Chinese manufacturers of more economical UHD sets.

However, this majority market share of all production is shared by a number of smaller Chinese manufacturers, and the individual companies that make the most recognized brands of 4K TVs are still majority players when compared on a standalone basis.

For example, the entire Chinese roster of 4K TV makers currently takes up 31.1% of the market while Sony alone holds 18.2% of all 4K TV sales. Samsung follows closely behind with an additional 14.9% of all UHD TV sales.

However, the bottom line remains: currently the widest and fastest adoption of 4K TV sets in homes is happening in China and is being guided by a number of major Chinese makers such as Hisense, Chang Hong and Seiki, which is actually headquartered in California.

Some other interesting findings on the 4K TV market from Business insider indicate that:

  • At least 10% of all households in North America will have 4K capable TVs by 2018 and the number will quadruple from there over the next 5 years that after that.
  • 4K content will grow exponentially in scope and the leaders in advancing it will be streaming entertainment providers such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime/Instant. Major cable broadcasters will follow in their footsteps. We’re already seeing exactly this happen all over the world.
  • By 2016, 11 million or more 4KTVs will have been shipped worldwide and the largest share of them will go to Chinese consumers.

The 4K market is clearly still snowballing into something much bigger and although early adoption isn’t yet major, all trends and efforts by major players in the technology and entertainment content sectors are creating an environment in which 4K replaces conventional HD within less than 10 years as the world’s major high end resolution setting for TVs, display monitors, cameras and projection screens.

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