Here is the enormous recent Calbuco Volcanic eruption in exquisite 4K pro video

by on June 16, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 16, 2015

This past April, the Chilean volcano Calbuco, located in the south of the country, erupted with a magnificent and rather terrifying display of nature’s hidden destructive power. The photos and videos of the event circulated the globe more quickly than the mountain’s own ashes and quickly became a web & social media sensation.

The largest of the eruptions happened on the 22nd of April, followed by two smaller events on the 24th and 30th of the same month. These were the first visible episodes of volcanic activity in the mountain since 1972, so you can imagine the surprise of pretty much everyone from scientists to the public and government authorities in Chile itself.

Despite all the photos and video that quickly swirled around the internet after these sudden, shocking eruptions, nobody had released a 4K video of the events, and much less a truly professional video, until now. Timestorm Films, whose Vimeo page you can see here, just recently released their own absolutely spectacular time-lapse footage of the Eruption, captured in full, gorgeous 4K ultra HD resolution.

The combination of all that terrifying ash and dust swirling in pure ultra-high definition levels of detail, deeply ominous music and exquisite color make for one incredible piece of 4K video that you really need to see if you’ve got a ultra HD TV or PC monitor ready to use.

In the video’s description, filmmaker, Martin Heck explains how he and his crew of assistants had spent several days leading up to the main eruption exploring the neighboring volcano called Osorno, and how they were about to head further south when Calbuco suddenly lost its top completely. Thus, the film crew rushed to the nearest clearing they could safely reach and put their entire camera arsenal together as quickly as possible, desperately backing up their already filled memory cards so they could clear space for the unexpectedly spectacular, possibly once-in-a-lifetime footage of the main eruption.

According to Heck, “This was for sure the most incredible show I’ve ever seen”…. “I think this is a once in a lifetime event and I am so happy that were able to capture it in all its glory”.

Check out the video below, seriously, you will not be disappointed, even if you only have an SD or 1080p HD screen at your disposal, the eruption is an absolutely humbling piece of footage.

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