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by on May 3, 2016

Stephan Jukic – May 3, 2016

TVLogic, the designer and maker of both OLED and LCD high definition and 4K UHD workflow displays has recently unveiled nearly a dozen new broadcast monitors at the recent NAB 2016 event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among these monitors were also 4 new 4K display panels aimed squarely at broadcast and videography professionals doing 3/6/12G or other 4K workflows and with ultra-high resolution broadcast, post-production and production needs.

The four new 4K monitors come in assorted sizes, consisting of: 17 inch, 24 inch, 42 inch and giant 55 inch sizes which all offer an array of top-shelf display, color contrast and superb connectivity specs. Let’s take a look at each in brief detail now:

LUM-240G – 3/6/12G 24” 3840×2160 10-bit Color-Critical Reference Monitor:

This is the flagship offering among the four new 4K broadcast professional monitors and its 10-bit 4K UHD display is sized at a decently large 24 inches with ultra-wide color gamut that includes DCI, 3D LUT import/export, HD 1:1 and full screen upscaling along with a 3G Quad link, 6712G single link input and HDMI 2.0 for 4K at 60Hz.

LUM-171G/420M/550M 10-bit 4K Monitors

After the single 24 inch LUM-240G flagship monitor, TVLogic’s other three broadcast/reference displays consist of the LUM-171G, LUM-420M and LUM-550M. The first of these offers a compact 16.5 inch native Full HD resolution that’s 4K-ready and comes with a 3G quad link and 6/12G single link input with HDMI 2.0 as well for 4K resolution at 60Hz.

As for the LUM-420M and LUM-550M, they are sized respectively at a massive 42 inches and 55 inches with a 4K ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, 10-bit color, 3G quad support, 6/12G single inputs, 4 input Quad HD and 2 sample interleave modes. They however lack some of the LUM-240G’s particular specs despite their much larger size.

TVLogic also released seven other Full HD and HD production/broadcast monitors for high-level professional uses, wide viewing angles, high color gamut coverage and variable price tags for different budget levels.

TVLogic's LUM240G 4K 10-bit broadcast monitor

TVLogic’s LUM240G 4K 10-bit broadcast monitor

The company even put together a rackmount monitor array for high resolution previewing in tighter spaces. This is the RKM-535A, which offers up 5 joined-together 960 x 640 native 8-bit display panels with many of the features listed above.

The above new TVLogic 4K and HD displays are professional broadcast-oriented UHD monitors with highly specific production and post-production workflows in the broadcast industry. In many ways, these models are similar to the 4K production monitors we’ve seen and reviewed from Blackmagic Design, which also manufactures these types of displays along with their professional production 4K recording cameras.

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