Check out this stunningly realistic “Star Wars: Battlefront” mod with 4K at 60FPS

by on December 13, 2015

Stephan Jukic – December 13, 2015

While “Star Wars: Battlefront” already looks amazingly realistic and rich as it is straight out of its creators’ studios, some game modders can’t quite let any opportunity for even more enhancement slip by, particularly for such a rich piece of gaming as this one. As a result, we have what is probably the coolest, most breathtaking attempt at ramping up the graphical detail seen so far for this game (yes, there have been other, previous efforts).

Frequent YouTube poster “Jackfrags” recently shared a video he had created of what is called the Star Wars: Battlefront Real Life Mod and it’s a 4K enhanced and visually stunning version of the SweetFX mod which plays out at a smooth 6o frames per second and offers full 4K Ultra HD resolution at 3840 x 260 pixels to the tune of the Pixies hit song “Where is my Mind”.

The video offers up a collection of gameplay clips from the game’s Hoth, Endor and Tatooine levels with all of these segments nicely smoothed up by their 4K modifications and some superb 60fps refresh speed.

Here is a video if you’d like to see and you’ll particularly enjoy this if you happen to have a 4K UHD screen on your hands.

The above beauty of a clip comes to us in the wake of another recent “Star Wars: Battlefront” mod called Toddyhancer, released by game modder Martin Bergman, which runs at around 30 to 40 fps.

Furthermore, other beautiful 4K UHD-oriented mods have been emerging for a number of very popular games lately, with one highly notable and also exquisite looking example being a mod for much greater realism and sharper 4K visuals done in the past few weeks to Grand Theft Auto V and released to the public for free by another modder.

These sorts of PC game changes are at their absolute best when viewed from an actual 4K UHD PC monitor running off a GPU that has been built with 4K graphics capability firmly in mind, but even those of you with HD displays should be able to appreciate some of the visual appeal here.

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