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by on June 2, 2016

Stephan Jukic – June 02, 2016

Action cameras are becoming a big part of the 4K video and photo shooting market with numerous now models now on sale from all sorts of brands. There are of course the famous GoPro Hero shooters, which are probably the best sellers to-date and beyond them companies like Sony, Panasonic and many others have also brought out their own versions.

However, we think it’s safe to say that none of these different action cameras look quite as robustly tough and cool as the new Panasonic Stylus Tough TG-Tracker. This is an action camera that seriously delivers on ruggedness right out of the box. Yes, action cams like GoPro’s Hero 4 4K camera are rugged, water resistant and tough against impacts and dust but most of their strength comes from the ruggedized external cases they either come with or have to use as accessories for any serious outdoor conditions. In the case of the Olympus Stylus Tough, powerful, rugged condition-resistant design is integrated right into the cameras body.

The TG-Tracker is if anything unique in this way above almost all other action cameras but it also comes with a few other powerful features which distinguish it from the competition. For starters, the camera comes with an amazingly wide 204 degree lens which is rivaled by very few other action cameras except for the lenses of the 360-degree action shooters that are also now going on sale.

In addition to this, the TG-Tracker offers a built-in radio with GPS, a barometric pressure sensor, a temperature sensor, compass, accelerometer, a built-in tilting LCD screen, a high intensity LED light setup and, best of all for some users, it also allows you to overlay data of all kinds onto the footage caught with the camera.


These are some seriously cool features and they make the TG-Tracker practically scream out “Use me in the field!”.

Olympus is also claiming that the TG-Tracker offers integrated waterproofing down to 100 feet, dustproofing, and resistance to as many as 220 pounds of crushing force. On the other hand, the little camera is designed to be shock-proof against falls of no more than 7 feet, which goes slightly against its reputed ruggedness. However, cold temperature resistance is set at 14 degrees Fahrenheit, making this a great camera for winter users.

As for its recording prowess, the TG-Tracker comes with a TruPic VII 4K image sensor with back-lit CMOS sensor, allowing for a higher degree of night shooting clarity and can record 4K videos at 30fps (which is pretty standard for most 4 drone and action camera footage) while also allowing for video playback in Ultra HD resolution through an HDMI cable.

The Tracker will be going on sale at some point in June in either black or neon green for $349 US and in Canada for $479.

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