Check out NASA’s stunning compilation of 4K UHD space video of the Aurora Borealis

by on April 21, 2016

Stephan Jukic – April 21, 2016

While watching the Aurora Borealis swirl and dance above your head with almost indescribable majesty is a thing you’ll never forget (this author speaks from personal experience here), the sight of the Northern Lights, as they’re also called, from space must be an entirely unusual experience. While most of us aren’t likely to see just such a thing any time soon live with our own eyes, it is possible to come rather close in terms of color and stunning sharpness with the latest 4K ultra HD video footage NASA has released of exactly this; the Aurora Borealis as seen from space and filmed in exquisite 4K UHD clarity and color vibrancy.

The Aurora Borealis as seen from the Earth's surface

The Aurora Borealis as seen from the Earth’s surface

For those of you who happen to own a 4K TV with YouTube’s 4K video’s playable on it (one with VP9 support) or for users with a 4K UHD monitor, the following 5 minutes of beautiful footage are definitely something to see for a different perspective on one astonishingly beautiful natural phenomenon. For those of you with HD smart TV or an HD PC monitor, the video is still completely worth seeing for its splendor and clarity.

NASA has introduced this particular piece of footage in collaboration with the video delivery company Harmonic, which is the same enterprise that has been behind NASA’s other recent space-faring videos in ultra HD. Furthermore, NASA and Harmonic are also working together to launch the space agency’s own UHD TV satellite channel, which will offer regular segments of 4K video from the missions in Earth Orbit and beyond.

Without further ado, here is the video itself, enjoy, it’s worth a five minute coffee break.

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