Check Out Insight Media’s Informative White Paper on Quantum Dot Technology For 4K HDR TVs

by on December 7, 2016

Stephan Jukic – December 07, 2016

The world of 4K TV display technology can be quite fascinating and especially the numerous new developments which have been emerging in the last couple years for unprecedented new levels of display realism to the newest television models on the market.

However, just as 4K display can be stunning to behold and interesting see develop, it’s also something that can easily confuse many consumers. At we’ve done plenty to try and dispel the confusion with our assorted TV guides for aspects of display like contrast, HDR, refresh rates, TV backlighting and perhaps color most of all.

Color in 4K display is particularly important to this technology because it has such a crucial role in the next generations of UHD content with high dynamic range. For this reason, getting to know some of its key technologies becomes important. This is where Insight Media’s new white paper on quantum dot technology comes in handy.

Quantum dots have been widely used in 4K HDR and SDR TVs for at least a couple of years now and form one of the integral components of the WCG (Wide Color Gamut) technology which makes HDR 4K TVs render far more vibrant, realistic and varied color in HDR content. In essence, these tiny polarized nanoparticles are applied in a microscopic layer to a display surface beneath the LCD panel of a 4K TV and, depending on the specific size of each type of quantum dot, will produce certain colors when exposed to a 4K TV’s LED backlights.


Along with OLED display, LCD displays and certain HDR color encoding technologies, quantum dots are an important part of effective, high quality HDR TV display and it’s partly due to their presence in Sony, LG and Samsung 4K TVs that the 2015 and 2016 high dynamic range models from these brands produce such particularly superb color display across the board.


Now, Insight Media’s white paper, which you can download and view here (PDF file) offers a major in depth overview of exactly how quantum dots work and why they’re so important to today’s television display designs. Authored by Chris Chinnock of Insight Media, the White Paper covers a broad related range of topics and demonstrates how they relate to QD technology itself. These include other wide color gamut mechanisms, high dynamic range as a whole and the different types of quantum dot implementation.

As the paper’s author notes,

“Quantum dots are amazing materials with potential we are just beginning to explores. This white paper profiles the great opportunity that quantum dots offer in displays, especially as displays stretch their color capabilities to achieve the wide BT.2020 color gamut.  But they can also be used in other applications ranging from solar cells, to lighting and bioimaging, so this is clearly a technology to be tracking.”

Quite simply, if QD technology is something that you want to know in depth as either an educated consumer or a professional consumer technology analyst, this 27 page overview of QD technology is worth a read-through.

Here’s a rundown of its Table of Contents


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