Check out “AIRTime”, a 4K drone video of breathtaking aerial footage from around the world

by on March 25, 2016

Stephan Jukic – March 25, 2016

As consumer UAVs or drones, as they’re commonly called grow ever more popular on the market, these little flyers are being used for an amazingly diverse and growing array of video projects. From technical surveying to recreational scenic shooting, drone video is easy to create, stunning if done right and also presents one of the most affordable existing methods of grabbing footage of the world around us in ways we’d never normally be able to see from a grounded viewpoint.

With the advent of Full HD and now even more impressively, 4K UHD cameras, this growing popularity in drone footage has truly become something to behold with some professional and even amateur filmmakers putting together what are distinctly incredible videos of the human or natural worlds from the sky.

This is where Christian Grewe’s “AIRTime” drone film excels. It compiles seven months of 4K ultra HD footage from all over the world into a single short but exquisite travel log of a passage through a dozen different countries. Grew pulled off more than 80,000 km of travelling and filmed many of his destinations from the sky with his trusty DJI Phantom 3 drone and its mounted 4K UHD camera. We don’t know if the video was shot with DJI’s own 4K video shooter or a GoPro Hero 4 Black 4K action camera but either way, the resulting footage would be similar.


As you watch this remarkable footage of desert landscapes, cityscapes, churning coastal regions and dense forests, bear in mind that you are viewing video that has been put together mainly by a single individual using just a couple pieces of recording equipment. In other words, with enough practice, almost anyone could do the same with the same consumer market DJI drone and its camera.

The video covers a wide range of countries and specific destinations, which Grewe lists in their entirety on his YouTube video page:

“destinations I Germany – Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Neu Schwanstein, Rothenburg, Lüneburger Heide, Netherlands – Amsterdam, Italy – Lake Garda, Greece – Crete, USA – Maui, Canada – Vancouver, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Vietnam – Halong Bay, Myanmar – Chaungtha & Bagan, South africa – Cape Town, Table Mountain & Lions Head”

We definitely recommend this particular piece of stunning composed footage and if you can view it in native resolution on either 4K PC monitor or 4K TV with YouTube in 4K, all the better. At 6 minutes, AIRTime is short and downright beautiful, while also really showcasing what a 4K UHD recording drone can pull off when used right.

Take a look:

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