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by on June 14, 2016

Stephan Jukic – June 14, 2016

In the market for 4K ultra HD home theater projectors, Sony basically dominates across the board. Virtually all models on sale for home theater use and even remotely reasonable price tags come from Sony and we’ve covered a number of them here on this site, such as the fairly newly released VPL-VW365ES. Going beyond Sony, JVC has also released their own 4K projectors for home entertainment but theirs is not a true native 4K projection resolution. Instead it depends on what JVC calls E-Shift technology to create a simulated UHD projection from an upscaled Full HD content source. Thus, we go back to Sony for native home theater 4K, or at least until now.

This is where Acer’s new V9800 4K Ultra-High-Definition Home Cinema Projector comes into the picture. The company behind it is already known for its wide variety of 4K UHD PC monitors and also has a track record as a major maker of non-4K home projectors (one of the three biggest brands in the world in this market), so it’s fitting that the next market leap should finally be a major and much needed intrusion on the turf Sony has dominated to-date.


Unlike the JVC projectors we mention above, the V9800 apparently delivers a genuine native 4K resolution along with some very broad color range and numerous other cinematic specs for a powerful home theater performance level.

According to recent press materials for the V9800, the projector comes with a TI 4K DMD processor for processing the 8.29 million pixels of 4K UHD resolution onto a projection surface and furthermore comes with a super-resolution video engine that’s designed to smoothly upscale non-4K content for elevated levels of simulated ultra HD sharpness, much like the JVC E-shift projectors do with all of their content we assume.

Acer has also given the V9800 something called ColorPurity technology, which is designed to merge an RGBRGB color wheel with certain projector lamp technologies for a wider color gamut and the projector as a whole operates quietly to boot, running at just 20 dBA, according to Acer. For reference, this decibel level is slightly lower than that of a normal whisper.


Pricing and availability details haven’t yet emerged from Acer and we also wonder if the new projector will come with HDR technology, as do some of Sony’s home theater models, though we have our doubts on this latter count since the V9800 follows the Rec-709 protocol set by the International Telecommunications Union for high-definition television, and this doesn’t indicate the broader Rec-2020 Wide Color Gamut needed for real HDR content quality.

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