CES 2016: Meet LG’s new OLED 4K TVs with HDR, and display more stunning than reality

by on January 5, 2016

Stephan Jukic – January 05, 2016

CES 2016 is turning out to be the demonstration ground for a wide array of stunning and impressive new 4K TVs of all types, along with assorted other 4K ultra HD-related technologies, but when it comes to a TV that it will truly be difficult to top, LG has done it again with this new year’s latest OLED 2016 4K models.

We’re talking about the new LG production model G6, E6, C6, and B6 OLED 4K HDR TVs, and by combining the absolutely cutting-edge latest developments in OLED display and high dynamic range, they create what LG argues to be the ultimate pinnacle of TV display quality. And if what we’ve been hearing from assorted sources about some of these new models is anything to go by, LG isn’t exaggerating.

The four new OLED 4K TV models consist of the Signature G6 flagship model with either 65 or 77 inch display options, the E5 flat—panel OLED TV, the C6 OLED which is the only curved display TV of the bunch and the flat screen B6 which comes in 55 and 65 inch display sizes. All of these models offer support for Dolby Vision HDR, 10-bit color 10-bit processing and coverage of a whopping 99% of the DCI-P3 professional cinema color gamut.

In other words, they are simply spectacular.

So far, these are the specific model numbers we’ve managed to dig up:



These new OLED 4K HDR TVS from LG also all run on the new webOS 3.0 smart TV platform that LG is putting into their 2016 TV models. Furthermore, at least in the case of the 65B6 and select other models, TV control functionality is provided by the latest version of LG’s superb Magic Remote Control, which offers all sorts of smart features and lets users manage the onscreen cursor in the TVs’ smart platforms with some very impressive speed and fluidity in a highly intuitive way. Furthermore, smartphones can be paired with webOS 3.0 for the sake of operating as secondary controllers.

Most impressive of the 2016 LG OLED bunch is the new and monstrously big 77G6 flagship model which also includes the spectacular visual power of HDR and OLED combined. Furthermore, this even larger TV, while including all the processing, connectivity and display technologies of the 65B6 and the others in the line also comes with a glass body and a powerful sound bar along its base. No pricing or sales availability information is available for this even larger TV model or the others, but we doubt any of them are going to be cheap for now.

Some of the new OLED 4K models offer a screen depth of just 2.57 millimeters

Some of the new OLED 4K models offer a screen depth of just 2.57 millimeters

As for the display quality of all the new TVs, it truly is astonishingly good. The precision of color, deep rich blacks and contrast variations are all as close as you’re likely to see any electronic display technology come to perfectly simulating (and in some ways enhancing) reality. In other words, LG’s OLED models will definitely be a tough benchmark to beat, even by other stunning TVs like the new Panasonic OLEDs which are also making their way to the market in 2016.

The new LG OLED HDR 4K TVs will furthermore offer some truly elegant design parameters which include what LG calls “Picture-On-Glass” physical display technology, in which the screens of these OLED models essentially resemble thin glass instead of any typical flatscreen display design. And by thin glass, we do mean thin: some of these new TVs, and the G6 in particular, offer a display with a thickness of an unheard of 2.57 millimeters.

We also think it’s very noteworthy that LG has now backed away from curved 4K display in its new premium OLED models. The company had already started doing this with their late-2015 EF9500 OLED Flat screen TVs and now the same trend seems to continue in all but one of the four new 2016 OLED televisions. It seems that the (in our view) rather silly hype about immersion around curved panel design is finally starting to flatten out.

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