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CES International 2015 Will be Dominated by 4K TV Technology

by on December 15, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – December 15, 2014

Ultra HD 4K TVs have been featuring at the annual CES International show in Las Vegas, Nevada for several years already, but for the first time ever, they are going to absolutely dominate on the showroom floor at this year’s event, and this is just a small part of a much wider domination that we’ll see in the general consumer market.

In other words, 2015 is going to be the year in which 4K ultra HD replaces Full HD as the standard for high-end resolution, and CES is going to be one of the first stages of this.

Of course, total sales of 1080p HD TVs still won’t surpass 4K TV sales for at least a few more years but the most highly promoted and recommended new TVs of 2015 will all almost certainly be UHD models.

Even in 2014, during whose first two thirds ultra HD was still mostly a fringe technology, sales of 4K TVs in the last two quarters of the year surpassed early 2014 predictions by six fold!

We’re only going to see more of a dramatic increase in these sales during 2015.

At least as far as CES 2015 is concerned, the 4K domination is already complete. While electronics makers are notoriously secretive about what specific stuff they’ll be unveiling at each year’s CES, those who’ve seen the televisions that will be coming to this year’s event are indicating that we’re going to see an across the board showcasing of 4K ultra HD technology for all the major TV manufacturers attending.

This is going to apply not just to high-end, revolutionary new 4K TVs that will be unveiled but also for many mid-range sets with much lower mid-market prices and more standard specs (by 4K TV standards)

What’s also certainly going to be the case at this latest CES show is a dramatic uptick in releases of TVs with the latest connectivity features for handling streaming 4K media from all kinds of sources built into them. This means HEVC and HDCP 2.2 across the board and access to Netflix, Amazon and other UHD content providers across the board.

Furthermore, even among the very latest, most advanced 4K television models, we’re almost certainly going to see some noticeable price drops from those of CES 2014’s latest and most innovative 4K TV models.

In addition to raw resolution, many of the 4K TVs that get unveiled in 2015 will feature other major improvements in visual display such as local dimming, superior color performance, better color gamut and better panel technologies.

These are features that a lot of HDTV models will also no longer be seeing developed further as they move into the shadows of their new replacement technology.

Another trend that will almost certainly be present at CES 2015 and throughout the broader market during the next year is a much wider selection of UHD sets with different sizes, features and price points as part of a continually expanding effort by manufacturers to attract new, more budget conscious buyers on the market. In fact, some electronics giants are already developing more 4K TV models than HD models for the year 2015.

Finally, on the more exotic and expensive side of the spectrum, we can also expect at least a few prototype 8K TVs to make an appearance at CES 2015; Samsung, and LG will definitely be presenting versions of these and LG is also expected to unveil at least a couple of new OLED 4K TV models at this year’s show, but they are unlikely to be too much cheaper than their 2014 counterparts, which run at $3,500 for a 55 inch model and more than $24,000 for a 77-inch set!

New OLED 4K models from LG will almost certainly be on display at CES 2015

New OLED 4K models from LG will almost certainly be on display at CES 2015

Overall, as far as TV and display technologies go, CES 2015 will be the landscape of 4K ultra HD and all the features that relate to the resolution. It’s going to be exciting for entertainment enthusiasts.

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  • gavin
    December 17, 2014 at 6:51 am

    I think you meant these to be the other way around……

    “Of course, total sales of 1080p HD TVs still won’t surpass 4K TV sales for at least a few more years but the most highly promoted and recommended new TVs of 2015 will all almost certainly be UHD models.”

    Should be 4K TV total sales wont surpass 1080p for a few more years.


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