Budget UHD Manufacturer Seiki Coming out with Three New 4K Monitors

by on July 4, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – July 4th, 2014

Until recently, the cost of any 4K TV or monitor was nothing less than steep, and models from major brands such as Samsung, LG and Sony easily cost 3´500 or more dollars for TVs and more than 2,000 even for much simpler display monitors.

Then along came makers such as California based and Chinese owned Seiki, who started producing and selling 50” inch 4K TVs for the still unheard of price of just $1,400.

This was followed by even more affordable 39” inch 4K TVs for an unbelievable price of just $699. These latter sets are in fact so low priced that many gamers have begun using them as extremely cheap 4K display monitors, despite their being marketed as UHD TV sets.

However, with the low price came the catch that the Seiki TVs lacked a lot of connectivity and software features in addition to the fact that they didn’t have the best picture quality out there, despite their 4K status. What they did do though, is prompt other, major brands like Asus, Dell and Samsung to compete on price and create their own, much better ultra affordable Ultra HD sets that delivered not only a high quality picture and features but also did so at equally competitive prices ranging from $600 to just over $1000 dollars.

In turn, Seiki decided not to let the market slip from its fingers and one-upped the big name brands recently with a new trio of UHD 4K TVs that are now not only cheap to buy but also do really deliver with some very good internal features.

These new Seiki offerings are dedicated 4K monitors and all of them offer a now standard native resolution of 3,830 x 2,160 pixels along with 12 bit color processing, high refresh rates of 60Hz (which makes them ideal for gaming and fast action video movement) and a full connectivity package that includes HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.3, MHL 3.0, VGA and DVI.

They also offer picture-in-picture mode that can support shrunken down 1080p HD streams, a VESA compliant mount and a USB 3.0 hub package.

Seiki is going to be offering these monitors at prices that are expected to hover around the $600 dollar range or lower and they should be out on the market for consumer testing by late 2014 or maybe the first months of 2015 at the latest. 

Available models will include 28 inch, 32 inch and 40 inch screen sizes.

4K technology, which is currently undergoing a steady growth in the TV, display monitor, Projector and, most importantly perhaps, camera market is becoming steadily more popular and showing all the usual good signs of a new technologies potential wide adoption. 4K gadgets are becoming more competitively priced and feature packed than ever as numerous manufacturers compete for share among customers who love dramatically enhanced video and photo resolution.

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