BT Sport of UK to Stream Free, Live 4K UHD & 360 Degree Coverage of Champions League

by on May 16, 2017

Stephan Jukic – May 16, 2017

The Champions League football (soccer for U.S readers) final match will be covered live for the first time ever in full 360 degree video during the event. BT Sport, working in cooperation with other partners, will be providing this service along with 4K live broadcast of the match.

What’s especially interesting about this live broadcast is that the people at BT will be making both the 360 degree and 4K UHD streams available absolutely for free for anyone to watch on YouTube or to a more limited audience via BT’s new BT Sport Virtual Reality App, which will let viewers actually select between the full 360 degree broadcast along with associated commentary/graphics or their own specific camera viewpoint.


The 4K UHD footage of the final match will be in 4K on YouTube with Dolby Atmos sound integration as an added bonus for those who can enjoy it on their 4K smart TV audio systems.

BT has explained that viewers who want to watch the 360 degree YouTube feed will need at least 10Mbps of internet connectivity, while those who would like to watch the 4K broadcast will need a fair bit more at around 20Mbps or higher since this is what’s necessary 4K streaming internet speeds are taken into consideration.

In essence, BT has decided that it would be wonderful PR and marketing for their streaming content and live 4K sports service to make this particular match available free of charge to anyone through YouTube, their own website, the app and, for existing subscribers, through BT Sport Channels.

These match will also be shown live for free through BT Sport Showcase HD, BT TV, Virgin Media, Sky and of course on BT Sport’s YouTube channel.

According to John Petter, CEO at BT Consumer,

“BT Sport wants to offer the best possible experience to our viewers and so for this year’s UEFA Champions League final not only are we broadcasting in 4K UHD with Dolby Atmos sound, our live YouTube stream will also be available in 4K UHD.  We will also be making the UEFA Champions League final available live via multiple 360°cameras. This will mean viewers will be able to watch on YouTube or via the new BT Sport VR App, either watching a directed programme with commentary and graphics or they can choose their position to view from eight locations in the stadium,”

Petter also went on to explain that

“We believe that VR can offer our viewers an immersive second screen view which will enhance our coverage. We’re excited to be broadcasting what we believe to be the biggest multi-camera live 360° sporting event ever for the first time to our customers.”


So there you have it fans of European football. You can access this particular match from anywhere in the world and at no cost. Even if BT ends up making the Champions League final match location-restricted on its YouTube channel, this is a minor problem for anyone who knows how to change their IP address via proxy and so forth.

The UEFA Champions League final match between Real Madrid and Juventus will be taking place at Cardiff’s National Stadium in Wales (UK) on June 3rd.

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