BT Sport wants to include 4K Netflix programming for its Ultra HD YouView box

by on September 29, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 29, 2015

After releasing a new service dedicated to giving European viewers with 4K UHD TVs access to live 4K video streams of sportscasts –a first ever in the world of consumer 4K home entertainment—BT Sport is now also moving into the realm of sourcing a much broader range of ultra HD 4K movies and shows than just the occasional piece of live sports broadcasting.

According to the latest reports, the UK-based content streaming company is looking for enough content to more robustly fill out the Ultra HD box that comes with the 4K sportscast service. In effect, the company wants to make the media box upgrade as attractive as possible to its subscribers.

One potential source of programming that BT is already investing in is a selection of sports-centric programming that goes beyond the scope of live games into analysis, news and replays of older sporting events. However, because sports related material can’t be the only source of content for an intended broader audience, BT also wants to invite the participation of none other than Netflix, the current king of high-end web-streamed 4K UHD content for a worldwide market.

According to words exchanged with Digital TV Europe, BT Sport’s Chief Operations Office claims that his company is currently in talks with Netflix over the possibility of enabling the Netflix 4K content aspects of the Netflix app in the BT Ultra HD YouView set-top media box.

For now this is all just in the planning stages and even Netflix itself offers only a limited selection of UHD programming, despite its dominant status in the world of 4K content. Something which speaks volumes about just how poorly developed the market for ultra HD content still remains despite rapidly surging sales of 4K TVs, PC monitors and even cameras all over the world.

Nonetheless, the addition of access to several dozen Netflix Original and Hollywood studio 4K titles to the BT Sport content loop would definitely be helpful, though it speaks slightly of a rather scattered effort at putting together whatever 4K content there is in a single service.

On the other hand, Netflix has discussed the possibilities of moving into sports casts in 4K down the road, this sort of partnership might be a useful early step in that direction.

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