A Brief Look at the Monstrous 105UC Ultra HD 4K TV from LG

by on September 11, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 11th, 2014

As we’ve covered very recently, the CEIDA Expo in Denver, Colorado was the scene of LGs major U.S unveiling of its very latest and greatest in 4K TV products.

The company, generally known as being a second player to Sony or Samsung when it comes to 4K TV technology, is now really taking center stage and coming out with what are arguably some of the most innovative new 4K TVs on the market today.

Even if LGs new sets are priced steeply, what they are delivering is technological innovation that is at the top of the game, at least for now.

This applies in particular to the already covered new 4K OLED TVs from the company, which are unique in the entire 4K landscape for combining both OLED technology and Ultra HD resolution.

LG 77EG9700 4K OLED

LG 77EG9700 4K OLED on display at IFA 2014

However, since these have been covered in some detail, there was another interesting feature at the CEIDA conference that’s worth mentioning. This is the new 105UC 4K TV from LG.

This monstrous new UHD offer from the company is a real brute at 105 inches, and although it is very steeply priced at just one dollar under $100,000, at least for now, that price tag isn’t actually as high as those of any other 105 inch 4K set by any other name brand currently selling such big TVs.

For example, Samsung’s own 105 version of a 4K TV is retailing for above 100 grand and it’s not even as good as the new LG model.

The 105UC9 was unveiled at CEIDA in Denver along with its 65 inch and 77 inch OLED counterparts and it managed to impress many viewers despite the technological novel of the smaller OLED TVs.

Having been released alongside another LG giant UHD TV whose screen is 98 inches diagonally across (the 98UB9800), and much cheaper to won at $39,999, the 105UC comes with a highly innovative and extremely refined full-array local dimming LED array technology and IPS panels that deliver truly deep blacks, extremely broad color gamut and nearly perfect, highly detailed lighting variations where needed on a screen.

Furthermore, the 105UC9 is a curved screen TV, which is one impressive feature given its enormous screen size. In addition to this curvature, it comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio that offers a screen display which is more aligned towards ultra-wide-screen movie setups than to the standard TV show format of 16:9. LG has also built a powerful Harmon Kardon sound system into the 105UC9 and has managed to fill the extra viewing space of its ultra-wide-screen aspect ratio with useful interface features from the TV’s operating system.

Finally, since it is so huge, the 105UC9 isn’t properly speaking even a 4K TV, since its actual screen resolution sits at a very hefty 5,120 x 2,160 pixels, which is 11 million total pixels and thus almost 3 million more than standard UHD 4K at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

In person, this is one very, very impressive TV and despite its 105 inch screen, looks surprisingly less imposing then would be expected partly thanks to its extremely elegant and light featured design.

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