Blue Planet II Is Here In 4K HDR For The First Time Via iPlayer and Blu-Ray

by on December 12, 2017
Juan Carlos Ropel – December 12, 2017

When it comes to fully appreciating 4K HDR content on your UHD screen almost nothing beats watching a nature documentary from the BBC. The beauty of the vibrant wild world out there fully captured in 4K resolution with life-like colors provided by HDR technology is astonishing and unparalleled. It can make it seem that the new 4K ultra HD HDR TV you might have bought was worth every single penny you put into buying it.

This time the BBC has brought one of its most successful and fascinating series, Blue Planet II to amazing 4K UHD and HDR quality, and it features more of the award-winning photography that we are used to from many, many previous BBC productions.

The first season of the series, named ‘The Blue Planet’ was premiered in 2001. Since then it has been watched by almost 10 million people, broadcasted to 240 countries around the world, and has won two BAFTA and two Emmy awards.

After the success of The Blue Planet came the second season, Blue Planet II. This time Blue Planet II takes viewers on a journey to the largest and least known part of our planet: our oceans. Audiences have been consistently amazed by this masterpiece of cinematography narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Not only does it deliver some truly spectacular visuals of a world few of us ever see in such detail, it does so through the use of some genuinely revolutionary camera techniques and cutting-edge breakthroughs in science and technology to capture breath-taking scenes from oceans around the world. Blue Planet reveals both strangely otherworldly places right here on Earth and some absolutely fascinating animal behaviors.

Now all of this can be viewed completely in all its glory with the power of 4K ultra HD resolution and high dynamic range in both the HDR10 and HLG broadcast formats (supported by most newer model 4K TVs) augmenting the visuals very dramatically.

As Charlotte Moore, Director of Content, BBC, has recently said:

“As the most watched programme of 2017, Blue Planet II, has captured the hearts of the nation. The series is a prime example of the world-class work of the BBC NHU documentary makers and I’m delighted that audiences will be able to watch the series in ground-breaking quality on BBC iPlayer.”

The documentary also features a haunting soundtrack by the Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and Radiohead. Inspired by the sounds of the sea, the latter rock band have recorded an orchestral version of the song Bloom, from their 2011 album The King Of Limbs.


The full seven part series will be available for one month on BBC’s iPlayer (the video streaming and radio service from the BBC.) You can watch all episodes of Blue Planet II in Ultra HD (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) by installing iPLayer on a compatible Smart TV or your preferred Android, iOs or Windows device.

You can also get the full 3-disc, 4K UHD Blu-ray version of Blue Planet II with additional special features at a pre-sale discount on Amazon for only $59. It starts shipping as of March 6th, 2018.

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