Excellent Post-Cyber Week 2016 4K TV Deals: here are our picks from Best Buy

by on December 15, 2016

Stephan Jukic – December 15, 2016

We published a whole pile of 4K TV and other electronics deals during The Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend time-frame a couple weeks ago, and while many of the awesome special discounts for these dates have come and now gone, others are still around, and new ones have appeared.

Particularly now that the holiday shopping season is coming upon us, new deals on assorted electronics and especially on 4K TVs of all types are starting to emerge from assorted retailers. In this post, we’re going to focus particularly on the special sales offers that Best Buy is putting up on 4K Ultra HD TVs from several major brands and especially on the almost always great 4K TVs of Samsung. Check out the following excellent sales offers on a number of 4K TVs that we ourselves consider to be great deals at the prices they’re now being listed for by the U.S retail giant.

The deals here are broken down by TV brand, so pick the name you’re the biggest fan of and see if you can find anything that fits your 2016 Christmas budget, there are lots of great newest-model 4K HDR TVs of all sizes to choose from.

We’ll be following this post up with a breakdown of some even better Holiday shopping deals that are in many cases even better than those of Best Buy and in some cases as good as the offers Amazon had up for Black Friday itself.


Sony TV Deals


Sony’s TVs are some of the best on the market today and offer a superb combination of excellent motion handling, almost across-the-board HDR color performance and great black level performance. We also love the Sony Android TV smart platform. These are the best Sony 4K HDR TV deals we’ve found from Best Buy.

Sony XBR-65X850D 4K HDR TV: Superb HDR color performance, local dimming and excellent motion handling specs with a native 120Hz refresh rate, the X850D is the most affordable of the premium Sony 2016 HDR TVs and this Best Buy Deal on the 65 inch model for $1,499 takes $300 off its regular price.

Sony XBR-55X850D 4K HDR TV: Same fantastic specs as for the 65 inch model above but for an even lower price on this 55 inch model, retailing now for just $999.99 instead of its usual $1,200.

Sony XBR-65X930D 4K HDR TV: Perhaps Sony’s second or third best 4K HDR TV of 2016, the X930D delivers perfect movie/game motion handling, incredible peak brightness, black levels to love and a beautiful level of color performance. This is a stunning 4K HDR TV and the 65 inch model is selling at a very reasonable $1,999.99.

Sony XBR-65X750D 4K semi-HDR 4K TV: One of the budget Sony 4K TVs of 2016, the X750D is a very decent performer with partial HDR color, remarkably good motion handling and some very deep rich black levels. This giant 65 inch model is selling for just $999.99, or $300 off its regular price of $1,300.

Sony XBR75X940D 4K Premium HDR TV: One of the best Sony 4K TVs ever made, the X940D is a full-array LED backlit 4K HDR TV of the best kind, with incredible rich blacks, perfect motion handling and stunningly vibrant, realistic HDR color performance. Normally very expensive, it’s now available for $3,999.98 for the gigantic 75 inch model which normally costs over $1000 more than this.


Samsung TV Deals:

Samsung’s 4K HDR TVs for 2016 are some of our favorites on sale today and offer some of the best high dynamic range, motion performance and console gaming performance specs of all the major brands on sale right now. They look elegant and they’re wonderful ultra HD home theater displays for almost any home. Here are our top Samsung 4K TV Best Buy TV deal picks:

Samsung UN50KU6300FXZA 4K HDR TV: Samsung’s KU6300 is a mid-range 4K HDR TV with excellent color performance and fantastic chops as a console gaming 4K TV in HDR if that’s your thing. This model is great for nearly anything you’d use your UHD TV for in the home. The 50 inch model is retailing for a sale price of just $549.99 and we consider this to be a superb value per dollar spent.

Samsung UN55KU6500FXZA 4K HDR TV: The same essential 4K TV as the KU6300 above but with a curved display if this is your preferred TV design. The KU6500 is stylish, elegant and a great gaming and movie watching performer. At a holiday sale price of $799.99 for the 55 inch model, this is a great deals as well.

Samsung UN65KS8500FXZA 4K HDR TV: One of Sony’s premium 2016 4K SUHD Full-HDR TVs, the KS8500 offers incredible peak brightness that’s matched by only a few other major 4K TVs and deliver perfect motion handling while also being a superb console gaming TV in 4K and HDR. We also love its deep, rich blacks, which are some of the best we’ve ever seen in any LCD TV to-date. The 65 inch model is selling for just $1,699.99, or $200 off its regular retail price.


LG 4K OLED TV Deals 

LG’s OLED 4K HDR TVs for 2016 were hands down some of the best 4K HDR televisions we’ve ever had the opportunity to review and despite a few minor defects in terms of their HDR gaming performance which were discovered late in 2016 and have now been corrected, these TVs absolutely kick ass at all aspects of high-end home theater. Nothing quite beats the LG 2016 OLEDs for pure picture quality, perfect blacks and virtually perfect motion handling. These are the choicest Best Buy LG OLED TV deals we’ve found:

LG 55 inch OLED55E6P 4K HDR OLED TV: LG’s second priciest and second “best” 2016 4K OLED TV is the E6 series and this 65 inch model delivers some truly stunning specs that are in our opinion the complete equal of those found in the flagship G6 model. Only a slightly bulkier design and slightly weaker speakers really distinguish this OLED model from its flagship cousin. Now, the 65 inch model is selling on Best Buy for a $1,000 discount, bringing its price down to $3,999.98. The picture-on-glass design of the E6 is alone stunning enough.

LG 65 inch OLED65E6P 4K HDR OLED TV: Same as the 65 inch E6 model above in all regards but with a smaller 55 inch display, this is a superb piece of OLED HDR display technology with stunning brightness and perfect blacks, now for $2,799.98 instead of its normal $3,499 price tag.

LG 65 inch OLED65B6P 4K HDR OLED TV: While their physical design is more conventional than that of the E6 and G6 flagship models, LG’s B6 OLED TVs are pretty much as good as the brand’s E6 models in terms of their display specs but with the interesting feature of delivering the best peak brightness of any OLED 4K TV we’ve yet seen. The 65 inch model is a decent deal at $3,299.98, though it’s black Friday price tag was much more enticing.


LG 55 Inch OLED55C6P 4K HDR OLED TV: The OLED C6 TV from LG is essentially identical in its display power to the brand’s B6 model with a nearly equal design. Two key differences with the C6 however are a curved display and the inclusion of 3D technology. This model is selling for a nice Black Friday-level discount deal that puts its price at $2,299.98 instead of the more usual $2,499.98.

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