Not Too Big on Curved 4K TVs? Meet Samsung’s new HU8550

by on September 22, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 22, 2014

Curved HD and UHD TVs have become something of a major fad among certain electronics makers lately, and one player in particular is big on this new design feature. That company is Samsung, with their assorted models of curved 4K UHD TVs.

However, not everyone is too keen on the technology and some experts have even gone as far as to say that it’s more of a visual fad than something that effectively improves the overall viewing experience.

Furthermore, in any model large than a truly enormous TV of 85 inches or more, it’s argued that curvature actually spoils what’s on the screen. And even for larger models of curved TVs, immersion works only at closer distances that some might find uncomfortable.

Whichever is the case about curved 4K TVs, for those of you who are fans of the flat versions, Samsung has also created something for your preferences in the form of the new HU8550. This new 4K TV from the company that so much loves its curved screen designs is a superb flat-screen TV with all the full features of the best curved models, the HU9000 series, but at a considerably lower price.

In a price comparison between the 65 inch HU9000 curved 4K TV and the HU8550 flat-screen model, the HU8500 costs a whopping $1300 dollars less, despite featuring most of the same features as Samsung’s top of the line HU9000 model.

However, aside from the curve, the highly useful One Connect box is also missing on the company’s flat screen TV. While not a major loss, the box definitely made upgrading connectivity and handling the arrangements of the different cables easier than it had to be.

Aside from the screen curvature and One Connect box, the only other loss on the HU8550 is a very minor one, the pop up UHD video camera that its curved counterpart also features.

In terms of all features, the HU8550 is equal in every way to its HU9000 cousin and it does support other cool Samsung 4K features such as the company’s full Smart TV UI package and the Evolution Kit program for easy technology upgrades and future proofing down the road. It also comes with the full resolution and display technology of the HU9000 and the same processing power as the much more expensive curved TV.

4K Ultra HD TV on sale

Samsung’s HU9000 series is $1300 more expensive than the HU8550 despite nearly identical features

What all these features translate into is some truly superb picture rendering, excellent black levels, contrasts and great color gamut. Furthermore, the content options and HEVC compatibility available for the Samsung HU8550 are equal to those of any other latest edition Samsung 4K TV.

Since the company is going to start making access to Netflix and Amazon 4K streams a priority as of October, the TV’s HEVC capacity is a great feature to have.

In simple terms, if you want to move into the premium brand 4K Ultra HD TV market but don’t want to spend money pointlessly, then go for the HU8550. It offers all the great features of a Samsung 4K TV without the needless screen curvature.

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