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Best Buy’s Black Friday 4K UHD TV deals include a PlayStation 4 Pro/4K TV console bundle

by on November 19, 2016

Stephan Jukic – November 19, 2016

Black Friday is almost upon us and the deals are piling up so fast in so many places that it can be downright difficult to keep track of them all. This applies no less if you’re looking for 4K TVs and electronics since there are simply so many enticing offers coming out of the woodwork here too. Luckily however, is dedicating itself almost exclusively in these next days to giving you the best possible sorting of what you should look out for and what the best value is going to come from for this special annual sales event. We’re going to give you the sorted picture of not only the deals that are emerging but specifically of those which offer the best possible value for the dollars you spend.

Today we’re going to take a close look to some of the best 4K TV deals coming from Best Buy in a few days and we’ll be following this up with numerous posts on other sales offers on a whole range of 4K electronics and their retailers, including other televisions as more information emerges.

Now, on to Best Buy’s Black Friday sales offers. As one of the biggest and best electronics retailers in the U.S this giant has plenty to offer up in the coming days and in our professional opinion, some of their offerings are excellent indeed.

For starters, we have Best Buy’s sales on Vizio’s excellent and highly affordable 4K ultra HD TVs, which not only normally come priced very reasonably but also offer some remarkably good picture quality given their low cost. Many of these models not only come with high dynamic range and generally superb picture quality, they also manage to deliver some of the best general 4K and HDR console gaming performance among all 2016 4K televisions while also coming with a highly innovative new mobile device-based smart TV platform called SmartCast, which comes with Google Cast as a bonus technology.


Best Buy’s Vizio deals include a 70 inch Vizio E-series 4K TV for just $999 and a 50 inch model of the same TV type for no more than $399. These prices are at least $100 lower than those you’d pay for these models outside this Black Friday Sale offering.

Then, again from Best Buy, we have a rather interesting 4K TV/game console bundle package that consists of the new Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 4K HDR console along with a 55 inch Toshiba 4K LCD TV selling together for a nearly unbeatable price of just $750. This deal is unlike any available from any other seller we’ve yet looked at and it was first teased to consumers as a 2016 Black Friday offering in the massive 50 page Best Buy online flyer for the retailers sales offerings.


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  • Jeremy Sharp
    November 20, 2016 at 1:41 pm


    I am beyond interested in this PS4 Pro + 4K TV deal you mentioned, but I cannot find any details of this anywhere on the Best Buy website OR their Black Friday ad. Is it possible that they pulled the deal? Or that you have access to info not widely published yet? Whichever it is, I really want to find where I can get this deal, so please let me know! Thank you so much for all of the content you provide here, I only found it today but have already spent 3 hours+ on your website in one sitting…


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