BBC Includes Wimbledon Tennis With World Cup In 4K HDR Broadcasts

by on June 22, 2018
Stephan Jukic – June 22, 2018

After first keeping things ambiguous for weeks leading up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the BBC finally announced that it would be offering full live coverage of the soccer (football) matches to all 4K TV-owning subscribers of its iPlayer app. This was great news for live sports fans but now the broadcaster has now gone even further by also adding the upcoming Wimbledon Tennis Tournament to their 4K HDR broadcast schedule.

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Like the World Cup (which is already running now), the Wimbledon matches will be available for free to UK residents who have the BBC iPlayer app installed on their 4K UHD TVs and as was the case with the World Cup, the offering is available only to the first tens of thousands of subscribers who sign up for access to Wimbledon. The BBC applied this policy to the World Cup as well, presumably due to bandwidth limitation reasons.

In any case, fans who are interested in this offer obviously need to own a 4K UHD TV and if they want the HDR mastering to be visible, said TV should also be HDR compatible (as most newer UHD television models are by now)


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The BBC also recommends an internet connection that can consistently offer at least 20 Mbps and ideally at least 35 to 40Mbps for truly clear 4K streaming coverage of any of their UHD HDR broadcasts.

Fans of Wimbledon who don’t manage to sign up on time for coverage of the tennis matches through iPlayer can also go with Sky Q’s 4K satellite broadcast service. This costs money of course but it has no user limitations and Sky Q also offers a whole host of 4K UHD movie, documentary and TV series entertainment options to take some of the sting out of subscribing.

The Sky Q Wimbledon 4K broadcasts are also provided by the BBC under license to the Sky service.

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