Awesomely powerful new Smartphone and Tablet chip offers 4k @ 60fps and USB-C for VR and Big-screen display

by on February 22, 2016

Stephan Jukic – February 22, 2016

Right in the wake of Qualcomm’s new and massively powerful X16 modem for fast UHD video download to mobile phones and tablets, we now also see a chipset that seems to truly be built for the near future of connecting mobile devices with other high-resolution display technologies.

We’re talking about the newly unveiled SlimPort® ANX7688 single-chip mobile transmitter that’s being presented by Califronia company Analogix Semiconducter at this year’s Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain now.

The company announced their smartphone/tablet connectivity chip as a solution for phone/tablet to desktop and TV-level 4K/Full HD video output via USB-C for both big-screen connections and virtual reality headsets as well.

According to the company’s own press release on the new SlimPort transmitter:

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced the availability of its SlimPort® ANX7688, the first single-chip mobile transmitter to support 4K 60 frames per second (4096x2160p60) or FHD 120 frames per second (1920x1080p120) video resolution from a smartphone or tablet with full function USB-C, ideal for applications such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) …

Note that in the press release quote, Analogix is talking about DCI 4K display, otherwise known as “true” 4K resolution, which offers several hundred thousand more pixels than the much more typical 4K ultra HD of most UHD output devices, including 4K TVs, smartphone cameras and the 4K screen resolution of the world’s only 4K smartphone, the Xperia Z5 Premium from Sony


Analogix also states that the chip has been developed so that it can “pair seamlessly” with any smartphone or tablet which includes Qualcomm SoC (system on a chip) processing chipsets and also offers compatibility with a USB-C port. The Analogix transmitter manages its high performance by converting HDMI output to DisplayPort output right inside its own chip.

In other words, the potential applications for 4K video content between mobile devices and an assortment of other display technologies are very interesting indeed, especially as far as smooth, truly fast output is concerned.

Analogix is showing off their new chip at the MWC 2016 in Barcelona and we should also note that USB-C technology is widely expected to be the smartphone/tablet port technology of choice in 2016 and 2017 even, mainly due to its powerful data transfer capacities in the face of growing video content and display resolutions.

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