Atomos starts selling its new Shogun Inferno 4K 60p HDR field monitor

by on October 21, 2016

Stephan Jukic – October 21, 2016

Atomos, whose 4K HDR recorders, monitors and Ninja pocket-compact ProRes and DNxHD recorders/monitors are well known among certain types of consumer professionals, is now starting shipment of its new cutting-edge 4K 60p HDR Shogun Inferno field monitor with 10-bit color for an MSRP retail price of just $1,995.

The actual native resolution of the monitor itself is Full HD at 1920 x 1080p in its 7.1 inch on-camera design but with this native resolution users get 10 stops of dynamic range and a high level of shoot-what-you-see HDR recording and monitoring capacity. In other words, the little monitor is capable of displaying rich vibrant colors right in the field and on the fly instead of requiring users to wait for studio editing in which HDR upgrading is added to captured video. This is particularly usable for high frame-rate 4K Log/Raw cameras used for professional digital video capture.

The Shogun Inferno captures video through HDMI 2.0 or 12G-SDI to maintain the high peak brightness of original recorded images from the professional camera’s sensor for later editing but due to its AtomHDR engine, it can also deliver in-the-field instant feedback on exposure during shooting in either log or raw and as part of this robust display HDR realism, the Inferno monitor offers 1500 nits of brightness which are definitely on the high side for a compact field recording monitor and comparable to the brightness levels of today’s best HDR 4K TVs in fact. The 1500 nits also generally remove the need for the use of a hood during outdoor shooting even in fairly bright outdoor conditions.


According to Tony Trent, the chief marketing officer at Atomos, in comments made to,

“The Ninja Flame and Shogun Flame were the world’s first on-camera monitors to bring HDR to every filmmaker that shoots log. The Shogun Inferno, however, building on our award-winning Flame series, is the first 4K 60p HDR recorder, perfect for today’s Sony FS700/FS5/FS7 shooters and other 4K 60p cameras, including those looking to buy Panasonic’s GH5 early next year.”

HDR log/raw video captured with the use of the Shogun Inferno can be captured in either Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR through the log from 4K 60p Sony, Arri, Canon, Panasonic, Red and JVC professional and prosumer cameras and the Raw to ProRes/DNxHR feature of the Shogun Inferno allows users of Sony FS5, FS700 and FS7 devices record at up to 4K at 60p.

Atomos has also stated that it would be releasing a firmware update which will allow the Inferno to handle raw video directly if uses with ARRI Alexa Mini, Sony FS series, Canon and Panasonic VariCam LT pro cameras. This firmware update will also add in quad-link SDI connectivity for cameras with multiple 1.5/3G or single 6G or 12G. The firmware update will come later in 2016 and will be followed by a November firmware update which gives the Shogun Inferno HD/2K 100/120/200/240p shooting capacity, but only for users of the Sony FS series of cameras.

According to Trent once again, “The AtomHDR technology utilizes the monitor’s 1500 nit brightness range in tandem with image processing to perfectly map each camera brand’s Logarithmic curve for our products. This really is the perfect exposure tool in the field for log, giving you the most accurate preview of the final post-production result.”


The Atomos chief marketing officer also added that users of other Atomos products like the Ninja Blade, Samurai Blade, Shogun Studio, Ninja Assassin and older Shogun recorders can also update their devices for HDR recording for free through another firmware update.

Atomos will also be shipping out compatible 4K 60p HDR-capable HDMI cables as of November with prices ranging from $99 to $149, though users should be able to get by with any brand of high bandwidth HDMI cable with HDR 4K readiness built into it.

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