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Asus announces the arrival of the VivoBook 4K laptop with Windows 10 and IPS display

by on October 26, 2015

Richard Li – October 26, 2015

The latest news from laptop/PC manufacturer Asus is the new VivoBook 4K, a powerful little laptop from a company that is already a key player in the Ultra HD laptop market.

The VivoBook 4K is expected to go on sale soon to audiences in select markets on the global landscape and supports adisplay resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, meaning that it’s a full 4K UHD laptop. Furthermore, the new machine will come in an assortment of decorative styles, including options such as Icicle Gold, Glacier Grey, Black, and also a Navy Blue color variant. The keyboard of the new laptop will also be ringed by a “sand-blasted” metal surface and other parts of the little machine, such as its power button, will also feature their own metal finishes.

However, visual appeal does not a buy-worthy laptop make and what really counts here, especially with the processing weight of a 4K display to support, is internal processing power. In this area of specs, the VivoBook is also quite a powerhouse by laptop standards.

This new Asus machine apparently sports a wonderfully bright IPS display for excellent viewing angles and color rendering that involves 100% RGB color gamut coverage while also delivering 72% of the much more difficult to render NTSC color spectrum –in addition to the 8.2 million pixels of 4K crispness. With thee visual specs alone, the VivoBook should not only deliver excellent on-screen vibrancy but also come with a display sharpness so fine-grained that even close squinting scrutiny won’t let you see any pixels in native 4K screen imagery.

the VivoBook 4K ultra HD notebook

the VivoBook 4K ultra HD notebook

In order to power this excellent display, the VivoBook will come with a 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor, an 8 GB RAM that can easily be expanded to 12 GB for a slight upward bump in price and a NVIDIA GeForce 940M GPU which should offer plenty of gaming power for most user needs. Furthermore, buyers of the VivoBook have the option of choosing a model with a 2TB mechanical hard drive or an SSD version with less storage but a much faster, more stable running and data retrieval power.

The VivoBook’s display also comes with Asus Eye Care technology, which is supposedly capable of reducing eye-harming blue light levels by 33% and at 8.2 million pixels of resolution, it will offer a ppi (pixels per inch density) of a massive 282.

Finally, the Asus VivoBook is coming with Windows 10 pre-installed. As we’ve mentioned previously on, the latest version of Windows is also the most 4K-friendly to-date developed my Microsoft.

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