Asus Joinging the 4K Laptop Race with its Own Slim Ultrabooks

by on July 29, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – July 29th, 2014

PC and laptop manufacturer Asus is joining in on the race to sell laptops with 4K capable screens to a consumer audience with two new, delightfully sleep Ultrabook machines that are coming out any time now.

This move puts the company in the same game as Toshiba, which was the first company ever to release a 4K laptop in February 2014 and Lenovo, which gave Toshiba a run for its money with two of its own 4K laptops just a few months later. It has to be said though that the Asus Ultrabooks are by far the most elegant looking of the laptops coming out from the three companies.

These 4K capable Asus Ultrabooks come in two different flavors. One is called the Zenbook NX500 and the other, slightly more robust and designed with gaming in mind, is named the ROG GX500, which is actually just a black version of the Zenbook but with a more powerful graphics card.

The Zenbook NX500 is a 15.6 inch machines with a 4K UHD screen resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and in order to really keep these pixels moving at a high refresh rate, it comes packed with a Intel Core i7 processor, a 2GB Nvidia Feforce GTX 850 graphics card and a 16 GB RAM. No words on the Hard Drive specs, but it’s likely going to come with a 500 GB – 1 TB HD or include the option of a less than 500GB SSD drive.

As for appearance, this little machine really didn’t have any corners cut on its design. Asus not only gave it some fine artistic flare, they also really packed in the power to create a Windows machine that looks and performs as well as a MacBook Pro (right down to the aluminum body) but with much better display resolution.  Pricing for the Zenbook is still up in the air, but early user reviews are overwhelmingly positive in terms of performance and the sheer brilliance and realism of the display screen –something that’s to be expected from any 4K screen power.

Furthermore, the Zenbook is wonderfully slim, measuring out at a thickness of just 19 mm and weighing less than 5 pounds. This means that it’s only a tiny bit thicker and a little bit heavier than a 15 inch Macbook Retina Pro, which, due to its Retina resolution, actually gives you a couple million less pixels than the Zenbook.

The ROG GX500 is basically the exact same machine as the Zenbook but with a black body and red backlighting beneath the keyboard keys. The major technical feature that it offers over its Zenbook counterpart is its slightly more powerful Nvidia GPU (graphics card), which is an 860 instead of an 850. However, with this minor addition and the Zenbook equivalent excellent Processing and RAM specs, the ROG promises to be a great laptop for even high intensity gaming, just as long as you’re not doing it strictly on battery power; All that 4K resolution will eat your charge in no time.

While 4K UHD is obviously best appreciated on really large TV and projector screens, these new generations of laptops with 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution still create visuals like nothing ever seen before on come PC machines. Apple had better beef up their Retina Display because it’s been completely beaten when by PC machines it comes to pixel count.

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