Professional Camera Maker Arri Announces its new Alexa Min-4K: light, compact and exquisite

by on February 24, 2015

Stephan Jukic – February 24, 2015

Arri is already well known not only for its entire range of excellent professional video production cameras and is further recognized by lovers of 4K video production thanks to the company’s Alexa XT Plus 4K professional production camera and also it’s truly monstrous 6.5K Video production rig, which we’ve already covered here before.

Now the company behind these two other top-shelf pieces of ultra HD video recording machinery is releasing a new Arri Alexa Mini 4K camera that seems to be aimed as a direct attack at the already popular RED series of 4K pro video cameras. The two devices are very similar in many regards and even weight the exact same amount, though which is better is a difficult thing to decide since both RED and Arri really do excel at their camera manufacturing game.

In any case, the new Arri Alexa Mini is a very compact little cube device that makes generous use of carbon finer throughout its construction.

More importantly still, the camera does what its RED counterpart somewhat disappoints at: the makers at Arri decided to err on the side of more inclusive technology in an effort to make their Alexa mini as compatible with third party technologies as possible.

Thus, throughout the cameras carbon fiber body shell and titanium mounts, there are numerous features and other electronics that owners of other professional video cameras would need to buy addons for. In the Alexa Mini’s case however, this is no longer so necessary.

For example, the camera comes with a built-in wireless radio that allows its recording features to be controlled via an iOS device and remote control of things like focus is made even easier thanks to an in-mount, built-in motor control device that can be directly hooked up to follow focus mechanisms for the camera’s lenses.

The Arri Alexa mini also records directly to CFast 2.0 SD cards and can grab ProRes at a very high frame rate of up to 200 fps. This feature combines nicely with the camera’s iOS device operated motorized focus controls and ND filters.

The chief focus of the Arri is apparently going to be post-production uses in which handheld rigs of smaller size are much more flexible and ideal. In this case, we’ve got a camera that’s perfect for this sort of work. The Arri is not only ideal for mobile post-production work in which a lighter camera works better, it’s also usable as a drone or handheld rig-mounted camera thanks to its small size and low weight.

Arri Alexa Mini 4K video production camera

The Alexa Mini’s 2.3 kg weight makes it useful for mounting from handheld rigs or even mini-helicopter drones

This low weight is even further helped out by the Alexa Mini’s built-in features, which reduce the need for weighty add-ons. That might be needed in other cameras like the RED Dragon.

So far, Arri hasn’t released any details on the kind of price we can expect for the Alexa Mini but it’s very doubtful that this is going to be in any way a cheap camera. Its compact but fully equipped fram, 4K shooting ability and whopping 200fps capacity for Full HD content add up to just some of the cameras seriously robust specs and won’t sell for lowball prices.

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  • orlando sanchez
    May 8, 2018 at 3:17 pm

    Quiero tener toda la información de la ultima cámara ALEXA 5k y toda su lenteria. Gracias


    • Stephen
      May 25, 2018 at 1:31 pm

      Hola Orlando, aun no hemos hecho una reseña de la Alexa 5K y por eso no podriamos entregarte la cantidad de informacion que pides. Una disculpa. En este año intentaremos producir mas reviews de cameras profesionales como la ALEXA 5K.


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