4K capable iPhone and other cool developments for Apple’s Sept 7th event

by on September 6, 2016

Stephan Jukic – September 06, 2016

Apple is going to have a major iPhone 7 press event on September the 7th and there are a few interesting things we might be able to look forward to from what gets presented and discussed tomorrow. The new iPhone is definitely the main goody that’s going to finally get a big reveal but it’s not the only thing we might hear about.

First, let’s cover the iPhone itself, and the existing rumors. As has been reported by a Vietnamese technology website very recently, the site’s administrators spent some time trying to source a fully assembled 4.7 inch iPhone 7 pre-release model and while they offered no photos of what they ended up finding, they did reveal a number of possibly reliable tidbits about what they claim to have discovered, especially concerning 4K video recording in the upcoming iPhone’s camera.

According to the site (and we’re going to be confirming all of this in any case tomorrow with a follow-up story) the smaller iPhone 7 smartphone will come with a remarkably robust 4K-capable camera which can record ultra HD video at a smooth and very fast 60 frames per second. If true, this is indeed impressive because while many current smartphones –including the iPhone 6S and 6S+ models that are still Apple’s flagship phones—can all record 4K video clips of quite some length, the standard among all models is still 30 frames per second.

images of the supposed iPhone 7 model that's coming soon

images of the supposed iPhone 7 model that’s coming soon

This is incidentally also the same 4K frame rate standard among most compact non-phone 4K cameras in the action camera, DSLR and mirrorless camera markets. Thus, if the iPhone 7 manages 60fps as is being rumored, it will surpass many far pricier and otherwise more robust 4K recording devices already on sale in its power.

This bump in frame rates of course also entails a corresponding doubling or near doubling of digital storage weight for the resulting video and on this spec, the iPhone 7 will reportedly also have its bases covered, with the Vietnamese website and other sources rumoring that the new headset will come with both 128 and 256GB internal capacity models, as well as integration with an option for 2TB of iCloud storage (though 4K video will have to be uploaded to the cloud via non-WiFi means due to its sheer data load.

Older supposedly leaked images of iPhone 7 models, not the dual camera version.

Older supposedly leaked images of iPhone 7 models, not the dual camera version.

Now of course, these iPhone claims are still just rumors and tomorrow they’ll presumably all be cleared up but there is a fair bit of credibility to them given what the existing iPhone 6S+ flagship model can do. Not only is there 4K video recording on the iPhone 6S models, it’s also of a very high quality, having been used to professionally record both New York Fashion shoots and urban documentary films in ultra HD resolution.

Now, as we said, we can possibly also look forward to finding out more than just the specs of the iPhone 7 tomorrow, so with that said, a couple of other things are likely going to get revealed.

First, there will finally be some clarification on how Apple plans to change its typical two-year release cycle for new iPhone designs and rumors are already circulating that despite the 2016 iPhone 7, we’re going to also have a whole new iPhone in 2017 as a celebratory release to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of iPhone releases since the first ever model. This model, at least according to a vague rumor from a German tech blog called, is reportedly going to be called the iPhone SE. Following this, there is also a possibility that the company will be moving from two-year time-lapses between new iPhone number models to releases every three years, though we’re skeptical about this last rumor given the highly competitive and extremely fast-paced world of new smartphone releases among the major brands.

Additionally, there are the headphone jack rumors around the iPhone 7. Basically, these are stating that the new phone will not come with a headphone jack and will instead take the somewhat innovative path of using either Bluetooth or a Lightning port to connect special external headphones. This last rumor is actually being circulated quite widely and thus we give it a bit more credibility. Furthermore, the idea of headphone jack-free smartphone design is not completely new. Motorola’s new Moto Droid phones already come without headphone jacks and other companies are following the same trend, with a notable foreign example being Chinese manufacturer LeEco. In both of these other cases, music can be listened to via Bluetooth.

In any case, by tomorrow afternoon we’ll know exactly what the deal is with concrete official statements instead of rumors, no matter how believable they are, and we’ll see how much of the above speculation pans out.

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