It seems the latest version of Apple TV won’t support 4K after all

by on April 6, 2015

Stephan Jukic – April 6, 2015

There have been many rumors around AppleTV’s higlhy anticipated revamped set-top box and we ourselves here at have covered those revolving around 4K UHD technology inclusion. Now, however, the latest details are in and pointing very strongly to Apple TV still not supporting 4K with its newest version of the device.

The new update is going to give Apple TV all sorts of new features such as running apps and streaming TV services but the set-top box will stick with the 1080p HD resolution of its predecessor because apparently Apple considers the technology of 4K resolution to still be in its infancy in a number of crucial ways.

This isn’t to say that the Apple TV box couldn’t support 4K if its creators wanted it to. In fact, a large part of the 4K rumors’ origins come from exactly this capability detail. The set-top box comes with the Apple A8 chip, also used in the iPhone 6, which is more than powerful enough to render 4K graphics at high frame rates.

the A8 chip that's built into the Apple TV set-top Box is more than capable of handling 4K resolutions

the A8 chip that’s built into the Apple TV set-top Box is more than capable of handling 4K resolutions

The fundamental problem is that the content market for UHD is still relatively new and while Apple likes to play up its image as a cutting edge and adventurous innovator in its consumer technologies, the company is showing a surprisingly conservative minded amount of disdain for running with 4K until it has become more established on the market.

The indication that Apple TV definitely won’t come with 4K support quite yet was given by a source “close” to Apple which reported their information to a writer at Buzzfeed. According to this source, 4K is great but still too much in its “infancy” to be worth using and while adding the resolution to Apple TV’s newest version might seem like a sound piece of future-proofing, it’s not viewed as yet being necessary to Apple’s bottom line for the time being.

Between electronics manufacturers, Apple is definitely the most famous brand in the world and a large part of that fame comes from the company’s image as an innovator of the latest in consumer gadget technologies. However, when it comes to 4K resolution, the California-based giant is surprisingly hesitant to invest. So far, only one 4K desktop PC with ultra HD resolution has emerged –the iMac with 5K Retina technology—and just one 4K laptop, Apple’s latest Macbook.

Furthermore, even major Apple stockholders like billionaire investor Paul Icahn, have urged the company to push for 4K UHD Apple TV as soon as it can.

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