Apple TV 4K Now On Pre-Order & iTunes Offers Movies In 4K HDR10, Dolby Vision

by on September 15, 2017

Stephan Jukic – September 15, 2017

The new Apple TV 4K is now available for order, and logically Apple is launching a comprehensive update for all its content platforms to make it fully compatible with the new ultra HD HDR streaming box, which is why Apple has started rolling out 4K UHD, HDR and Dolby Vision movie titles on iTunes, which can be identified by their “HDR”, “Dolby Vision”, “4K” tags. Along with “leaked” code evidence of Apple TV’s imminent unveiling, these new 4K HDR titles for the iTunes platform have also been hinted at heavily in snippets of code that Apple had released for its devices in recent weeks. Owners of Sony 4K HDR TVs like the X930E or above and owners of Vizio or LG 4K HDR TVs of all types since 2016 should have a particular interest in Apple TV 4K and the revamped iTunes due to their Dolby Vision support.


The new Apple TV 4K comes with the A10X chip, with a 2xCPU and 4xGPU to generate enough power to deliver content in full 4K HDR, at 60FPS. Apple is also working with giant content providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to further add their selections of 4K and HDR titles later this year. Both of these other services also offer small selections of movies and other content with Dolby Vision high dynamic range mastering.

If you have bought an HD movie on iTunes and now the 4K HDR version is available, Apple has also got you covered here without applying additional costs. They have announced that previous purchases of HD titles will receive the 4K upgrade at no extra charge.

Also, the pricing of the titles offered on iTunes seems to be promising and cheaper than Apple’s competitors like Google’s Play Store, Microsoft and Vudu. Apple has convinced studios to sell 4K HDR movies for the same price as HD movies. This includes all major Hollywood studios, except Disney, so we will be seen titles like Wonder Woman, which is available in 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR for only $19.99.

iTunes 4K HDR movies

This is a great move by Apple, since both the iTunes Store and the Apple TV have been losing market share to competitors at an alarming rate in recent years. Apple is counting on iTunes to help increase sales of Apple TV 4K, and vice versa. At $20, there’s no doubt that Apple would be undercutting its competition to at least some extent.

At the moment, 4K content is not displayed on all devices, and for now iTunes has only a limited number of movies in these formats, but this is obviously expected to change as we have seen with the growth of 4K HDR content provided by Hollywood studios, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

You can pre-order the Apple TV 4K on Apple’s website right now though the official release date of the new Apple TV 4K is Sept. 22; preorders will begin shipping then.

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