According to leaks, the next iPhone might come with a 4K video camera

by on July 3, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 3, 2015

When it comes to 4K, Apple seems to lag behind the rest. It’s been the case so far with the company’s computers, Apple TV and even the iPhone, or at least its camera. Well, at least as far as the next generation of the iPhone goes, this might soon no longer be the case.

According to leaks posted by a tipster to the Chinese website Sina Weibo, the rear camera of the next iPhone to come out will come with a photographic boost to 12 megapixels of resolution and the ability to natively shoot 4K ultra HD video as well.

The leaked details aren’t in any way confirmed by any harder  information from other sources but they do at least make sense in the context of the smartphone market’s competitive environment.

Many of the new flagship phones and even many lesser model phones from virtually all of the major manufacturers today are emerging with their own built-in 4K video cameras and Apple, the company most known for being a hardcore design innovator in the consumer electronics industry, is lagging behind a bit on this particular front.

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Furthermore, while the leaked info doesn’t match any solid evidence from Apple itself or from anyone else, it does match with recent claims that Apple’s future handset will focus on serious camera upgrades. And since the upcoming iPhone isn’t likely to feature any major physical design changes, improving photographic capacity looks more plausible.

4K video capture in a smartphone isn’t exactly easy to fit into such a small device. For starters, the processing required to handle it is quite hefty and the same applies to available storage space requirements. We do know for sure that the iPhones A8 chip is quite capable of dealing with 4K video and possibly even display resolution and the storage of the iPhone 6 is more than adequate for the task, so now we’re left with the question of whether Apple will simply go ahead and match these specs to an actual 4K camera.

There are definitely plenty of useful things to do with any video caught on a 4K smartphone cam. Users could post it to YouTube, which now takes 4K footage even at 60 frames per second, or they could view the video on their 5K iMac, which Apple has already released. Then there are all the increasingly affordable new 4K TV models to use for viewing video captured in ultra HD.

In related news, Apple is also supposedly working on a cheap new 21 inch 4K iMac, so this could also be an opportunity by the company to synch two new technologies together nicely.

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